Friday, June 04, 2021

Savouring the Arrival of June

" And then, one fairy night, May became June. "

F. Scott Fitzgerald said it perfectly. For, with a flip of a calendar page and one fairy night, summer arrived. Just like that, the cold weather disappeared and in its stead, sunny summer days are here again. It seems we waited forever but now everything in the garden reaches towards the warmth. I reach towards the warmth, letting it soak past my skin into my heart of hearts, letting it melt ice patches left from winter's strain.

Now, there are so many moments to savour—the scent of lilacs in the air, bees buzzing in newly minted blossoms, early dawns and long summer twilights, the happy screams of children playing at the water park. We watch as two nine-year-old lads on their bikes dare to race past the neighbour's sprinkler that's overarching the sidewalk. They are either timing it so as not to get wet or, more likely, they're timing it to catch the thrill of cold water needles spraying on hot skin. Oh, the sheer joy of being a kid when it's nearly summer holidays. I love that they are savouring their own June joys.

I'm delighted to share a little glimpse of what's been making my heart lurch in crazy happiness this week.

Sage in bloom

Feathery wing-like clouds in the sky

Sprigs of fragrant lily of the valley

A new hydrangea settling into her place in the garden 

Glorious cerise pink petunias

Pink creeping thyme against the grey slate

Spying a strawberry in the making

Sipping lemon gin fizz on a hot afternoon, a drink new to me

A new lily plant with 14 buds getting ready to open

Anemones dancing on the breeze

Our American Highbush Cranberry, which we've always enjoyed
as a green shrub, burst into bloom this year for the first time ever.
I love the clusters of small yellowish flowers in the centre of a
wreath of showy white flowers. Not of the cranberry family,
it belongs to the Viburnum family. 

Showy clumps of tiny purple campanula

* * *

" What is one to say about June ‒ the time
of perfect young summer, the fulfillment
of the promise of earlier months... "

* * *

What have you been savouring this first week of June?
Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

Heart Hugs,


  1. Good morning! What gorgeous flowers you have! Thank you for letting us enjoy them with you. Have a lovely day!

  2. Ah June! So many garden delights!

  3. No wonder your heart is lurching in crazy happiness. All so lovely, and I especially loved the snippet about the boys racing through the sprinkler. What could be more summery?

    My lily of the valley are almost ready for snipping into a tiny bouquet but a full lilac bouquet is already filling the house with fragrance, welcoming me when I first wake up.

    Hello June!

  4. How quickly the cool days became warm and welcoming! I am amazed by the similarity in blooming flowers. My lilacs are gone by, but I have some lily of the valley. (I have not been completely successful in eradicating it. Your flowering pot is gorgeous!

  5. I was just working on a post for tomorrow and thinking about how June seems so different from all the other months. You've written this beautifully! June has meant blackberries with my yogurt, picked along the trail as we hike! Hugs!

  6. this whole post is sheer delight!! I esp. relate to and love this;
    'I reach towards the warmth, letting it soak past my skin into my heart of hearts,' yes.

  7. June, the month of leaves and blossoms! Lovely pictures!

  8. What an eclectic array of colours and blooms. Your garden must be a joy to wander in, Brenda.

  9. early June has become hot summer here with 100 degrees+ but we still have many blooms roses, etc and a fun little hummingbird building a little nest on our hanging chime in the back porch!

  10. Early June was great - sunny and warm, but now we're settling into a few cooler days with a bit of rain. The garden doesn't mind at all. Wishing you many lovely June moments.

  11. Beautiful flowers. Enjoy these lazy days of summer.

  12. Your flowers are lovely. June is sounding wonderful in your neck of the woods!

  13. I love this post. How lovely to be walked through your yard and the things that you've been enjoying. To answer your question, I've been savouring many of the same or similar things. And my peonies, which are a strong tie to my mom, are blooming vigorously after being planted in our new yard just last year. Joy indeed.

  14. Brenda at last it looks like warm weather has arrived for you. June is such a stunning month and I always try to savor each moment. It brings so many lovely gifts. Your flowers all look so beautiful friend. Take care and have a joyous weekend. Hugs!

  15. Lovely, lovely flowers, Brenda! We’ve had hummingbirds visit the feeder! They move so quickly that it’s difficult to catch them in a photograph, plus I’m inside looking though the window.:-) Happy June!

  16. Oh my goodness, what pictures of your June glories!

  17. I've also been delighting in some lilies (red and yellow) that are starting to bloom in my backyard.

  18. I am so happy that your long-awaited summer has arrived and is thrilling your body and soul! And why not, as you are surrounded by so much loveliness?! ~ swoon ~

  19. Just lovely, Brenda. I know you are enjoying the lovely weather you have so long waited for. Enjoy every moment!

  20. Your flowers are glorious! Happy summer to you! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ


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