Monday, June 14, 2021

Important News for Email Subscribers to My Blog

" People are very open-minded about new things,
as long as they're exactly like the old ones. "

I'm sad to report there is a change coming to Blogger. For those of you who subscribe to have my blog posts delivered to your email, please note that Blogger's email subscription widget won't be supported any longer and will stop working on July 1, 2021. This means you will no longer get my newest blog posts sent to your email inbox. 😞

There are other email subscription services out there, but it would require research, a lot of work, and maybe cash outlay to find and set up a new one. It's a learning curve I'm not prepared to engage in at this time. I won't say never, just not now. Fellow bloggers more tech savvy than I will figure out something that works for them, and hopefully some will share their experiences in the days ahead.

Because you will no longer have my blog posts arriving in your inbox, it means if you want to continue reading my posts—and I really hope you do—you will have to visit the blog directly ( Currently, I post once a week, either Friday or Saturday, occasionally I post more often.

Thank you to everyone who subscribed over the yearsI am amazed at how many of you actually signed up for my posts. I so appreciate your support in this way. I'm sorry you won't have this convenient feature available to you come July, but I hope you'll visit It's A Beautiful Life when you can.

" Change is inevitable—except
from a vending machine. "

* * *

Here's trusting we can adapt with grace,

Heart Hugs,


  1. Blogger sure likes change, don't they? Wish they'd leave things that work alone. But, alas...Happy Monday, Brenda!

  2. They can also follow you through Bloglovin. They can go to and cut and paste your blog url into search. Then when it comes up, click follow. That is how I follow a lot of blogs including yours. Once a day I go to bloglovin and anyone that has a new post comes up. I click on the post and am directed to the blog itself.

  3. I can't say I like all the changes blogger is making, but I guess we can't do much to change it.

  4. I'm having the same problem, Brenda. My research did not turn up any free Follow by Email services. However, I'm hoping the FOLLOW widget will continue to put my new posts on my Followers' Reading List. I think, though, this Reading List only exists for fellow bloggers. If you could add the FOLLOW widget to your sidebar, we could all sign up there and hopefully those of us who have Blogs can check our Reading List on our Admin page. Also, people could get a Twitter account and follow you there because I know that you post there when you have a new post.

  5. I'm thankful that I can still follow your blog through Blogger's reading list!

    Since my little hobby blog only has a small number of followers, I didn't bother exploring other e-mail subscription services.

  6. Kind blog friends sent me links to instructions on what to do about changing to something else but I'm afraid my brain shut down! Since I've not been very present lately on my blogs anyway, I've decided not to worry my poor head about it. When I get back in a blog mood I'll see if my blog friends are still on my blogroll, which is the simplest method I can think of for me. Meanwhile, keep on writing, Brenda!

  7. I have been wondering what to do about this change. I was happy to see you posted your plans. I think you made a good decision. Stay well!

  8. Thanks for your comments and ideas, everyone. xo

  9. I'm late here, but just to say that I use Feedly (similar to Bloglovin) as an easy way to access the blogs I like to read.


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