Friday, October 02, 2020

Five on Friday: Stepping Into October

“October is the opal month of the year. It is
the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month.”

My heart is full this early morning as I sit down to write. I woke just before five with writing going on inside my head. There was no use trying to go back to sleep, for sleep was gone. The moon was still high in the west sky, and I was delighted at how it lighted up the backyard with its ghostly pale beam. 

Hubby and I have scheduled a drive in the countryside to a town that is somewhat near where I grew up. I haven't been there in years and Rick's never been. With autumn in full tilt here, the colours and scenery should keep my finger ever ready to press the camera button.

Which means this post shall be 'quick like a bunny'.

I went for a short walk right at sunset last night after supper. Oh my, the evening was pleasant and warm enough not to need a jacket. It was an interesting feeling to walk out into the waning light—I don't usually go walking when it's getting dark. Met up with one neighbour who was working in his garage; we chatted a moment before I carried on. Stomping in piles of crunchy leaves, watching neighbourly lamps being turned on inside windows, and then when I turned the corner, seeing a blazing sunset forming. I was elated by the time I arrived home. I love Autumn! Especially when October arrives just as perfect as it is in fairytale books.  

I plucked the last rose in bloom from the Peace Rose. She bloomed her heart out this summer, but I think she's about done now. She gave so much joy to so many. This last blossom had such an intense fragrance, as did the sweet peas which are also done now. I wanted to bury my nose and keep sniffing. I want the perfume to last, but perhaps it is the elusiveness of fragrance that makes flowers so magical in the first place. We keep bending our heads forward for more—heart to heart.

one rose

‘Tis the last rose of Summer,
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone;
No flower of her kindred,
No rose-bud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes
Or give sigh for sigh!

THOMAS MOORE (1779-1852)
lines from the poem The Last Rose of Summer

* * *
two leaves

“In the entire circle of the year there are no days
so delightful as those of a fine October.”

* * *

three lamps at dusk

Rick turned on our lamp to welcome
me home from my sunset walk. How sweet! 

* * *

four clouds at sunset

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry
rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

* * *
not five, just one video

Louise Penny, now well known to many as the author of her splendid Inspector Gamache novels, recently invited her fans to post selfies with her newest novel. I joined in the fun. You’ll find my happy face at approximately the 3:57 minute point, and you’ll definitely recognize the much posted yellow Rudbeckia in the background. The video music has a Parisian feel, so pop in.

On that note, I'm away to my outing in the countryside. Here's wishing you a beautiful weekend. May it be filled with glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. Keep safe. Keep your eyes fixed on Him.

“ ‘Only today,’ he said, ‘today, in October sun, it’s all gold—
sky and tree and water. Everything just before it changes
looks to be made of gold.’ ”
EUDORA WELTY, The Wide Net and Other Stories

* * *

Heart Hugs,


  1. I found you! So glad that you mentioned this because I was under the mistaken impression that this author had passed. 😳 Definitely not so!
    That was a wonderful description of your evening walk...that moon has been something else! The lamp in the window...perfection. You and Rick have a delightful getaway...🍁🍂

  2. Fun to catch a glimpse of your smiling face in the video! Great music, too, that evokes the setting so well. Evening walks are so lovely - it's like saying good night to the world. I hope your outing has been most satisfying.

  3. Love the three lamps, so cozy! Fall really does have a lot going for it, doesn't it. So much to appreciate; harvest time, color everywhere, warmth enough for drives in the country and picnic lunches, lovely!

  4. Saw you! What a lively video! I recognized some B.C. bookstores too. Talewind in Sechelt and The Saltspring bookstore. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your outing!

  5. Your outing with your hubby sounds like so much fun . . . is just my kind of getaway! Hope it was delightful and that you'll share a few pictorial highlights with us.

    I found you! Lovely!

  6. Lovely post, Brenda. Your walk sounded so peaceful and beautiful. And the photos of the clouds were certainly "glimpses of heaven." Have a wonderful weekend and October.

  7. A most lovely post, Brenda. That was a great video, too, with the book! Wowsers. Sounds great. Hope your weekend is lovely and your week-to-come super blessed!

  8. I enjoyed your 'quick like a bunny' post, dear Brenda. It made me want to skip with all the joys of the season.

  9. Lovely images. Last year, you and Lorrie inspired me to get twinkle lights to make the house more cozy during the dark fall and winter days!

  10. Very lovely once again! I hope you enjoyed your outing! A new week is ahead! Be safe, and stay well!


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