Monday, August 17, 2020

A Dozen Years Later And A Giveaway

" Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like
wrapping a present and not giving it. "

Today is the twelve anniversary of It's A Beautiful Life. As I am wont to say, where as the time flown? Writing on this blog, I think, has been one of the longest ventures I've ever undertaken and stayed faithful to. And it's been one of the most joyful. Of course, it has had its ebb and flow over the past dozen years, times when I wrote more, times when I wrote less. But the longer I blog, the more I realize this is my place to write, whether regularly or irregularly. Here is where I am 'at home'. Although I may write a book one day (I have a couple on the go), writing posts and chatting with you right here every week is my sweet spot. It's so much like writing letters from home—something I loved doing long before e-mail and the internet—and watching for glimpses of heaven in unexpected places and then sharing those moments with you, well, that really makes my heart happy. It's like icing on the cake.

Two years ago, on the tenth anniversary, I had the dream to create an anniversary edition magazine, and I even had a giveaway for a copy of it. Susan, I'm sorry you're still waiting for that magazine. Going through an archive of over a thousand posts looking for my favourite or best posts became larger than I had heart for at the time. But who knows—optimist that I am—I might little by little still get an issue completed. I won't promise anything so ambitious for 'A Dozen Years' anniversary. But, since you're here, let me at least offer you a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate mousse layer cake with raspberry filling and chocolate Ganache over top. Sorry, you'll have to image that delectable wonder...

" Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart,
it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude. "

It's been especially meaningful during these pandemic times to come here and find your 'footprints' in the comment box below. I have come to appreciate all over again, just what a beautiful online community we have in Blogland. Writing here has helped me to stay connected to people from around the world. It has made such a difference to feel a sense of community and not feel isolated 'within my four walls' these past months. So many of you have left kind and lovely comments just at a time—not only now but over the years—when I especially needed a boost to keep writing. So....thank you, thank you, thank you!

" If you really are thankful,
what do you do? You share. "

* * *

I think we should celebrate with a Giveaway. To make it easy and simple, let's do
Three $20-Amazon online gift cards.

Guidelines for Draw:

1. Leave a comment either on this post, or on the Facebook link to this post.
2. The draw for three winners will be this Friday, August 21st, at 9:00 am MDT.
3. I'll do the announcement right afterwards, right here.
3. If I don't hear from a chosen winner within 24 hours, I will do the draw again. 

--Draw is now closed--

* * *

If you are interested, HERE is the first post that started it all.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

Heart Hugs,

Photo credits:
Top: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
Bottom: Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay


  1. Brenda, I have been traveling these blogs with you for twelve years!
    I am always amazed at the beautiful words you write.
    I am looking forward to many more posts!!

  2. You've written a lot of beautiful posts over the years and I feel blessed to be a regular reader and friend. Thanks for the chance to win and for the FUN and beauty you've added by sharing your life with all of us. Happy blogging! Let's keep encouraging each other for years to come! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. You definitely have a talent for writing! It’s a real pleasure to follow your blog!

  4. I've always believed that we can choose beauty in any setting. When I was a teacher, I bought flowers for the classroom. The kids aasked if they were from my husband/boyfriend. I answered that I had bought the flowers for our classroom. My belief is the beauty changes attitudes and behaviours. The photos, quotes, literary references and faith that you share with your readers is powerful

  5. Happy 12th anniversary! I venture to say, this has been one of the very best "projects" of your life. You've touched many people many times with your timely words and wonderful photography. Here's to many more sets of 12 to come!

  6. You have been an amazing friend...Your posts have brought me joy in the good times and helped me
    to know everything would be ok in the not so good ones. That is the power of words....Thank you my dear friend for your steadfast love of words that you have shared with me.....

  7. I haven’t been here for all 12 years and I’m sorry for my loss. So enjoying the visits in these last couple of years. Your posts brighten my days, thank you.

  8. Congratulations Brenda on a new milestone! Please add my thanks and gratitude to the many others who have savoured and revelled in the enrichment your well spoken words have fed us. Many times you have brought in a new broom (to my mind) and swept out cobwebs and vagueness and after setting things aright your inspiration redecorated and topped it all off with a beautiful bouquet of heart flowers!

  9. Brenda, I have loved reading your blog these past 12 years. A visit here always beautifies my day! While I tend to pop in every few months, rather than every single post, I am nonetheless gratified by every single visit here.

    Here's to another dozen years of your beautiful writings!

    Patti Gardner (currently not blogging)

  10. Brenda can it really be 12 years? And I think I have enjoyed almost all of your beautiful writings, and also had the privilege of meeting you. I always leave your posts with a gentle sigh of content.
    Congratulations on 12 years.

  11. Your blog is a delight to come to. I would love to be entered in that give away.

  12. Thanks, Brenda, for keeping up with your lovely writing over so many years. I've not been as consistent as I'd like in reading all of your posts when you first post them (several absences over the years with health issues with my dh and my very elderly mother), but I know that when I stop in, I'll find beauty and kindness and thoughtful musings from a kindred soul. Congratulations and best wishes for more to come as time goes on :)

  13. Congratulations on your 12-year blogiversary, Brenda! I started following your blog in 2015 when we were doing our card and tea exchange. I've always enjoyed your beautifully written and thoughtful posts.I truly believe that writing is your calling and I look forward to more years of reading your blog!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your generous giveaway!

  14. What a kind way to celebrate 12 years of blogging! Thanks and blessings.

  15. I pull out my quote book as soon as I open each new post. All of today's quotes will go into my collection. I often read through my quotes & send them out in the letters I write (I do still write a lot of snail mail letters). So a little piece of you goes with each quote you share!

  16. Brenda your posts are such an uplift each time I visit you. Congratulations on twelve years of blogging. I am saying thank you for sharing your lovely words, photos and glimpses of your world. God bless. Hugs

  17. Dear Brenda ~ I've been following you for awhile now and have been blessed many times by your thoughts put into words and your lovely photos. I just read your very first post and was once again blessed and inspired. I started my blog Sept. 2008. God has used you and your lovely blog to touch hearts and I thank Him for that. Congrats on this 12th anniversary of 'It's a Beautiful Life'. ~ FlowerLady

  18. Happy Blogaversary! I love reading your posts, and feel as if you are a kindred spirit.

  19. I'm like Jenny. I also pull out my quote book when I read your blogs. You have a beautiful style of writing which reminds me of the old Victoria magazine. I also enjoy your side bar. Every once in a while I will play the Peter Rabbit theme song. So lovely.

  20. Brenda, what a wonderful post. Congratulations on twelve years - such an accomplishment. I enjoyed reading your first post and knowing Alexandra Stoddard was part of your inspiration. Just as she was mine to begin my blog. She said something in one of her books that really stuck in my heart, "Goodness has a ripple effect." How true those words are.
    Brenda, you are such an inspiration to me and I enjoy your blog so much, even if I am often late reading and commenting. Know how much I enjoy every post. Blessings, my friend. You are a gifted soul and the world needs you. Don't forget that.

  21. Happy Anniversary and I hope you keep on blogging to celebrate many more!

  22. Brenda, 12 years! Wow! Congratulations on your blog anniversary. :) Your first blog post is as beautiful as this one. I can feel your love of beauty and your desire to pass it along. What are you writing about in your books?

  23. I haven't been here since the beginning (I am not sure how or when I discovered you . . . perhaps one of Vee's Notecard linky parties?), but it has been quite a few years that we have been bloggy friends and time spent here at It's a Beautiful Life is treasured! Happy Blog-iversary!

  24. Happy anniversary! It takes dedication and work to write like this, and it shows!

    -Merry K.

  25. Happy anniversary, Brenda!

  26. I have been coming to your blog through Brenda's "Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me". I know that I will find like minded thoughts and that is reassuring in today's world. Happy Blog Anniversary!

  27. I enjoy reading your lovely blog. Happy anniversary!

  28. You are so gifted, dear Brenda. Thank you for helping me see the beauty in God's miraculous creation.

  29. Hi Brenda, thanks for your encouragement to be thankful. For many, griping is easier and reminders are helpful. Stay at peace!

  30. Brenda, you wrote so beautifully here of what blogging means to you and I'm sure you have echoed what so many of us feel about it. Life sometimes does get too busy to write often but there comes a day when you realize there's something missing and back you fly to your blog. I loved reading that you're working on two books! I have finished four in the past 15 years, only submitting the first one and never again after the first rejection. I have three more I'm working on and there are times I wonder why I take time away from writing on those to blog but the idea of ever publishing anything makes the magic of hitting that publish button on blogs irresistible. I think I need both and you probably do too so let's just do it!

    I'm very thankful to have met another Brenda (my first name is Brenda) who lives so far away but seems so close in spirit,


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Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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