Sunday, December 01, 2019

Hello December

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There is more to life than merely increasing its speed.”
May our slowing down this Advent be our gentle protest against the violence of
our rushing world. May our slowing down give quiet, steady witness to the values
of attentiveness, carefulness, patience, receptivity, stillness. May our slowing down
enable us to make real and meaningful connections with people, nature, work, art,
and (most importantly) with God.

It's December 1st and I'm awake in the wee hours. I ponder what to write here on my blog as the Advent season begins, as we wait for Christmas. Thoughts swirl around. I think about a friend and her daughter who is in hospital and whisper a prayer. I read a little to focus my thoughts -- this early morning I dip into Frederick Buechner's The Remarkable Ordinary, and I'm drawn to these words he's written:

"There is none like God . . .
who rides through the heavens to your help,
and in his majesty through the skies.
The eternal God is your dwelling place,
and underneath are the everlasting arms."
Deut. 33:26-27 RSV
"Joy is knowing that that is true from your stomach. Knowing that even though you see only through a glass darkly, even though lots of things happen--wars and peacemaking, hunger and homelessness--joy is knowing, even for a moment, that underneath everything are the everlasting arms." p. 120

I am comforted by these words as I think of my friend and her situation. I feel a joy bubble rising unbidden on the inside of me as I think those words in light of my own little concerns. It's been said that joy comes in the morning, how grateful I am that sometimes it comes while it is yet dark.

* * *

This morning the child in me happily opened the first window on my Jacquie Lawson Advent calendar. On it, I decorated some cookies and played a card game. Later this afternoon, we shall attend our first concert of the season, Music for a Festive Season with the Alberta Baroque Ensemble. Not Handel’s Messiah but lovely seasonal pieces by other old composers, including Christmas Concerto by Sammartini, Christmas Sinfonia by Torelli, and Magnificat by Vivaldi. And at the end, the conductor will invite the audience to join in and sing a couple of old familiar carols with the organ in full blast. In truth, it always turns out to be my favourite moment in the whole concert.

And so Advent begins. My friend Lorrie noted earlier on her FB page it's a season of longing, of hope, of waiting in expectation. Yes. I hope to be here every morning to offer a little something as together we wait, and count down to Christmas -- won't promise though.  

Wishing you a beautiful first day of December.



  1. An absolutely beautiful beginning to the month of December. Wishing you great joy and happiness during this magical month, dear friend. I look forward to your daily posts, it will be a Christmas treat.

  2. This is very comforting. I hope your friend gets well soon. There is such a sense of peace in trusting the Lord in all things.
    The concert you will be attending sounds delightful! What a blessing! This is my favorite time of year.

  3. The concert sounds amazing. What a fabulous way to begin the season. Your friend’s daughter in the hospital reminds me that this is just why He be all in all for each need. Joining you in a prayer for her.

    I enjoyed my Advent calendar this morning. I decorated cookies without a care in the world for matching them to the original. Mine were better! 😁

    1. I try to do the memory thing with the cookies, but then I go hog-wild in the decorating, as you say, without a care. haha. Thanks for your prayer for my friend. xox

  4. It sounds like you have a lovely Christmas season ahead!

  5. Advent, the metaphorical lighting of a candle in the dark. Lovely thoughts of the season, Brenda!

  6. I love this season of Advent. The music, the decorations and the festivities are all so special.

  7. great thoughts to add to our beginning this special season. My son and grand kids are enjoying the advent calendar too.

  8. Happy Advent to you, Brenda! I appreciate your reminder to move slowly. I think it's the best way to enjoy the season . . . with purpose and pondering. Saying a prayer for your friend.

    Delighting in opening my advent calendar each day!

  9. A lovely post, Brenda. Thank you for the nod. I hope to post more during Advent. We'll see. Best intentions and all. I'm so enjoying the Advent calendar and plan to visit there next. Have a most wonderful day!

  10. The Christmas concert sounds lovely. When I was getting my haircut last month, the hairstylist told me that she enjoys Christmas music by opera singers.

    Every year, I make my own Tea Advent colour. I fill a giant stocking with different teabags that I own or receive from friends!

  11. That was a lovely post, Brenda. I like reading that Advent is a season of longing. Yes, we long for peace, joy, happiness, and all the other gifts of the season, despite what may be going on in the world. I hope your friend's daughter will be better very soon. Hugs. Susan

  12. Well, I'm only eleven days late in reading your beautiful "Hello December" post! As usual though, your lovely way of writing has drawn me into the wonders of this glorious season, especially in a world with so many distractions. The opening quote could be more true! Thank you so much for bringing joy to my day...even though I am eleven days late. :) Hugs!


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