Saturday, March 04, 2017

No Sign of Spring Today

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This afternoon I'm tucked up here in my little office working on a couple of desk projects. It's been snowing all day. Now it may be winter on the outside but it's spring in my heart as I gaze at my vase of sprightly tulips on my desk -- although not quite as luxurious as that huge bouquet in the photo above, it's still most cheering.   

Once in a while I go behind the scenes to look at my blog Stats, to find out what kind of traffic is coming to visit. When there's an indication someone's clicked on a post in the archive, I check it out to see if the post needs any tweaking. Once upon a time, Blogger updated their templates (or whatever) and all my posts to that date never transferred properly -- the fonts and formats got wonky. Ever since, I've been slowly, slowly going back to fix those posts so they looked decent, and while I'm there, I might add pictures to posts with text only, or delete some old stuff that just isn't worth keeping, that sort of thing.

I found these two posts from 2013. The first post is about a childhood memory of my very first encounter with cooked spinach -- I'll tell you right now we were not impressed. And the second post offers ways I deal with some of life's other green messes to make it all more palatable. I hope you don't mind the revisit.

Ahhh... I see it stopped snowing and the sun burst out -- it's looking all sparkly and pretty. Perhaps it's time to go whip up something toothsome in the kitchen to celebrate. I'm off...

Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend,


  1. Brenda,
    I owe you a debt I will never be able to repay! You have taught me to dig deeper with words. To rephrase and rework my posts so that it's easier and more fun to read.
    Your talents are delivered on each post you create.
    I admire that you go back and tweak some of your older posts. I go back to my older posts for a good laugh.

  2. Hello Brenda,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the "green" posts, both new to me, I think. I always enjoy your look on life. Slamming the door to negative thinking is a great word picture, and laughter is a wonderful medicine.

  3. You did make me laugh Brenda! We both like spinach, gently cooked in the microwave. And as my Grandma would have said...'It's Good for you'.!

  4. 0ur past blogs are full of jewels hidden away. I post links of each blog recently on facebook and it's fun to revisit other times. It's now 9 and half years of blogging. Thanks I needed to be reminded of the power of negative thinking that stops spring from growing and optimism in your heart!

  5. Brenda: I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Love the spinach story and am happy you have come to enjoy it. Mostly, I enjoyed "Slamming the door shut." Truer words were never spoken. I think it would be wonderful if this particular post was published in every newspaper in the country - a worthy read for everyone!

    Thank you Brenda, for your work and everything you do to inspire others - especially me!

  6. Well, isn't the spinach a nice coincidence ;) We NEVER had spinach as kids, but I like spinach cooked in something (like quiche!!) or raw in a salad (baby spinach is great). Popeye sure did make it look satisfying though, didn't he? I enjoyed your Part II even more. Seeing the bright side of things is something I need to work on. Better to be thankful for all that we have than to complain about things going wrong in our lives. That must have been an uplifting thing for you to hear that others recognized your determination not to get dragged down in others' complaining. Good for you!
    Have a great week Brenda :)

  7. I'm sending you a big basket of virtual sunshine, Brenda, with some warmth, wild flowers and applesauce muffins (just out of the oven). We are having a beautiful, dry day, I'm doing tons of laundry to take advantage and, yes, baking. Another wonderful post! I love coming here.

  8. Ah yes, a bunch of tulips can chase the gray away . . . such a wonderful thing for this time of not-quite-spring-but-I-want-it-to-be! (Tulips are my favorite flower!)

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Dear Brenda there is nothing like a bouquet of tulips to brighten a cloudy gray day. Hope soon winter will be gone and spring will be here. Hope you have a lovely time baking up something delicious. Hugs!

  10. Oh those tulips... I need some! We got three inches of snow here last night, and have another storm rolling through tonight... winter just does not want to leave! Hope that spring comes for you soon too :)


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