Monday, October 26, 2015

The Leaf Has Turned

Source of Individual Photos

It's been a wonderful Autumn. Bright, beautiful, and lingering ... with no frost or white stuff to mess it all up. I greedily drank in all the warm, colourful mosaics that nature offered every day. And I'm so glad I did, because signs today indicate we're turning the leaf corner and heading into something cooler and less vibrant ... snapping winds, leaves being flung from branches, flocks of geese tracking vees against grey skies, not to mention a building desire in my own body to curl up with a cozy book by the fireside, or at least reach for a light sweater and a cup of tea.

Which makes me appreciate the vibrant reds in these photos -- courtesy of -- all the more. Don't you just love that wooden door and the red vine falling against it? Are you like me ... does it make you want to open it and see where it leads? Do you wonder if maybe it's a porch leading into an old house or root cellar? Maybe it's the doorway into an old barn cum studio where your art easel or writing desk awaits your creative presence.

As for me, with the door closing on Autumn around here, I must admit I'm eager to open a door of creative endeavour. The past few years when I had neither energy nor time for crafting, even though I had the hankering, this year I'm looking forward to working on little projects geared to Christmas. Like the white felt Christmas ornaments embroidered with holly red pearled yarn. It's been a long while since I picked up needle and thread, so I've been practicing my stitches. Click here for a sample of what I plan to work on.

As October wanes are you anticipating the opportunity to open a new door? Are there any you're glad to be closing with a firm pull, hopefully forever? 

Sending you wishes for a wonderful week ahead,

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  1. What a pretty scene, I like the door and the red vines. Very pretty images. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. we are always thankful when it cools down here and summer is over-still in the 80s...

  3. I agree fall has been perfect here too your pictures and thanks for visiting both my blogs...Gardens Eye View and Living From Happiness.

  4. Each season brings its delights. Things are changing around here, too. Less sun, more cloud. The fire and a cup of tea are wonderful. Now I'm going back to click on what you're creating.

  5. I always love working on holiday crafts too. You have such beautiful Fall colors. I'm off to see what you're going to make! Hugs, Diane

  6. Oh I love the pretty hearts with embroidery. Do you look at pinterest for ideas too?

  7. What a lovely mosaic, Brenda! This morning, I had to scrape frost off my windshield and wore my winter coat and mitts. Winter is coming...

  8. Gorgeous red! A favorite choice for so many seasons! Love it! It has been a beautiful fall here!

  9. Ooh those hearts are lovely - I adore red and white, very Danish - I am off to Denmark for a trip in early December.

    You have inspired me, thanks for posting...although to be honest the last thing I should be doing is starting off another project until I have finished the current stash of half-finished objects!

    Happy Tuesday

    Bonnie at www.

  10. Hello, Brenda! You have chosen beautiful images for your collage. Wonderful colours indeed.
    The wooden door is lovely, but if I may joke a little bit, rather than hurry to open it, I would admire the vine and other plants and turn around to see if all the garden looks as mysterious and inspiring as the doorway. :)
    A wonderful post, thank you for sharing and have a blessed day!

  11. Hello Brenda. I DO like to open closed doors. And sometimes, it's good to close the door behind us. Has been most gorgeous here, too. Now, on to the new door! Susan

  12. I like to photograph doors myself Brenda because there are some really intricate and interesting ones and yes, I wonder what lies beyond.
    Happy for you that you are motivated to create again and the page of hearts is pretty.

  13. Your collage is beautiful, as is Miss Pinkett-Smith's quote. A door is closing in my life, and I've been lamenting that, but her words remind me that one closed door means another is opening, and wonderful, new things await me on the other side.

  14. Beautiful mosaic, I loved the warmth of it~

  15. just beautiful Brenda- both your collage + your words! have a beautiful day!

  16. Those white felt hearts are delightful! It's so satisfying to create something with our hands. We have had beautiful fall days here, but it's been raining today, and many of the leaves have fallen. I'm starting to think of cozy days and more book reading.

  17. Beautiful photos! My heart melted when I see these.
    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day!

  18. I have some projects up my sleeve for the winter, though not holiday related. Our fall here is in the midst, so I think we may have another week or two of pretty color. Today and for the next few days it is raining.


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