Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday


Autumn Reflection:
I wonder why the 'n' is silent.

... hehe ...
Thought it would be something deep and serious, didn't you?

Wishing you some fun stuff today,



  1. lol. a solemn autumn pondering;-))

    and a big happy sigh as I stare/drool at a picture worth more than many words!!!

  2. Well this is a very solemn column - let us sing a hymn to autumn. Love the way you think!!! I believe I'll have a cookie.

    1. JoAnn,

      You make me chuckle ... who knew there were quite so many silent "N's" in this world.

      I hope the cookie was good.

  3. Because ... because. Well, because.... maybe for the same reason the second e is silent in because?

  4. There are many weird things in the English language, this being one of them. In Texas the city of Mexia is pronounced Ma-HEY-a.

  5. As a teacher I spent many hours explaining silent letters..the hardest were gh, as in light, ought, eight, weigh...and of course ...tough.
    What a language!

  6. Spelling is not my forte, by a long shot. When words like autumn, tough, or knife come up, I get so confused.
    I never attended a Spelling B. I attended a Spelling E!

  7. You were fun today!
    I'm coveting your drink, which I assume is some sort of coffee....maybe tomorrow morning.
    Happy Autumn! (or Fall, which I guess has a sort of silent L!)

  8. I don't know maybe that why most call it!

  9. But it shows up during an autumnal equinox. haha.


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