Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Oldie But Not Moldie...

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I have mentioned before that this year I started going through my blog archives to update old posts, to make sure links are still up-to-date, to spruce things up and flesh out scanty posts, and to ensure any photos I use that aren't my own are properly sourced, or replaced with something better.

You see, as it turns out from tracking my blogger stats, there are still readers popping in on old posts. Which makes me want to ensure these oldies are not moldy, but are worth popping in for. I'm happy to see just how much I've grown in my blogging skills, and my writing has certainly improved over the years too. Whew! 

All that to say, I worked on one such oldie just a few minutes ago. There were some fun quotables in it, and so I've dusted off the post and hope you'll find a bit of inspiration and light fun should you pop over for at peek at Uncovering Nuggets.

Now for something new! I had the happy thrill of having three robins stop in the backyard today for a few minutes. (sorry, no good photo to share). These are the first ones of the season. Yahhhh!

One even sang a little hello from the top of the Swedish aspen, although it was a rather weak rendition. No doubt, they all find themselves weary after such a long trek. And then to arrive with yards covered in many inches of snow from that last dump, well, it's fortunate the weatherman says warm temperatures will shortly melt it all away again. Happy days are here again...

I'm wishing you a beautiful rest of the day,

Here's the link to the earlier post I mentioned:
The Beauty of Overhauling Blog Archives


  1. Oh that has to be a daunting task. Robins? That is a great sign. No robins here yet. Off to read your earlier post.

  2. You are very ambitious, Brenda...going back and improving and tidying up your blog! Some days I feel I can hardly keep up with current posts here at Thinking About Home! :)

    Hooray for your robins' song and for melting snow!

  3. That is a big project, Brenda, good for you. Say hello to the Robins, I adore their singing.

  4. Your robins are visitors? They must be different from ours in the UK whose star turn is in winter time and Christmas.. Do feed them well after their journey!
    I did pop over to the post you linked with ~ what lovely, enriching quotes you found!
    Thank you!

  5. Dear Brenda- So glad you are having warmer weather and finding robins have returned- great signs of spring! Going to check out your "nuggets". Have a wonderful day!

  6. One robin said to the other....the weatherman was wrong again! He said Spring was here.

  7. we are heading to summer fast with temps in the 80s and going up!


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