Monday, January 19, 2015

The Beauty of Balance In Life And Writing

Oops... My apologies... The post you came to find was not supposed to be published...yet! It was still in draft form.  I've been working to update old posts and create new ones, and I accidentally hit publish instead of save. Rats in a poke.

We are still away for a few more days.... perhaps this lovely winter sunrise will fit as a small substitute while the other post gets completed and reposted.


  1. No, I can't say I've found the balance... not exactly. But I'm so glad you are doing so. And that gives me hope :)!

  2. The photo is lovely, Brenda....thanks for the 'oops'.

  3. curious on how to find the!

  4. I came over here straightaway when I saw the title of your post. Am looking forward to it Brenda!!

  5. We'll be away for awhile, but when I return, I'll be checking back on your blog - finding the sweet spot is often an elusive task.

  6. Sounds like a most interesting post!

  7. Dear Brenda - hope you are enjoying your quiet rest. Will be back soon to see what creative thoughts have come your way. In the meantime have a wonderful time off. Hugs

  8. I really wish the publish and save buttons weren't next to each other. I've messed up more than once.


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