Sunday, October 19, 2014

Simply Sunday: The Cares Weigh Heavy

Oh yes, there is so much going on in this world of ours that I tell you quite candidly I sometimes feel like asking Him to come and end the torment of this creaking, wailing world of ours.

So many people hell-bent on wrecking anything that has value and truth and beauty. Taking precious lives with them in the carnage. How can we carry on with it all pressing on our minds and piercing our very hearts?

And, then I come to my heart senses and remember... there are too many who have not found their way Home to the Father yet -- so many who still need that drawing near to Divine Love. Even the ones doing the carnage. Yes, even those ones... for they can't have started out life that way, can they?

So I ask for grace to lift up my eyes toward the Light and not let the dark news fill my soul with a not so quiet despair that it's ALL going to hell in a hand basket. But to continue to reach out in love to those around me here at home and further afield. To speak peace. To walk in kindness. To focus on Love, which is Him... Jesus the Christ. For, if we all give up, then the encroaching darkness wins.

Don't let the cares of this world choke out the words of Eternal Life. Let my life words wash over you and refresh you. Cast all your burdens onto me. Call on My name and I will save you  ~ Jesus

With a gentle kiss*´¨)
> ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
> (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * atop thy head! *



  1. How I need that reminder, Brenda. As a radio evangelist used to conclude his daily program long ago, "God is still on the throne, and prayer changes things". ♥

  2. amen! Sometimes I think God must weep, torn between so wanting to bring to His own to glory but waiting, waiting so more might be saved!

  3. I lift mine eyes up to the hills . . . over and beyond all the trouble, all the worry, all the hardship of this old world, and see that the Lord changeth not. xo blessings to you, Deborah

  4. Lovely words, Brenda. In these difficult times it's so important to keep our faith. xo Karen

  5. This could have come straight out of my own prayer this morning. This "creaking, wailing world" was so much on my mind. Thank you for capturing so well the hope that God holds our to every one of us.

  6. Dear Brenda - All of us who walk by faith and not sight at one time or another have felt the sorrows of this world. In times like these we can join together with others whose hearts are broken over so much evil and look up knowing Jesus loves and cares for each soul. The words to an old song "This world is not my home...I am just passin through" reminds me that we are not home yet but someday we will be! Hugs

  7. I've longed for the same thing - Christ's return to end this brokenness in the world. But, like you and others, I pray for grace to pour out on me and on those around the globe.

  8. This is, well, beautifully said. I'm glad it came out of your draft. I agree, this world is a mess.
    But I have a son and daughter-in-law that needs to know the love of Jesus!

    When you write something this thought provoking, the responses are so wonderful to read.
    You have some really tender followers.


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