Monday, October 20, 2014

Cook What He Loves

"The torch of love is lit in the kitchen."
French Proverb

Today I'm Guest Blogging over at Koala Bear Writer

In one word I can tell you what makes my husband happy. P-A-S-T-A! He could eat pasta in the morning, pasta at lunch, pasta in the evening. Spaghetti, rotini, and fettuccine. Vegetable lasagna, garlic chicken with orzo, or stroganoff with noodles. Pasta with red sauce, pasta with roasted tomatoes, and don't forget pasta as leftovers.

Yep, this is what makes him happy! Just say ‘let’s have pasta for supper’ and his eyes light up! So why have I not really paid attention before? Read more ...

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  1. Brenda - hopped over to read your article...wonderful writing. My hubby doesn't care too much for pasta and when I make it - must be gluten free. I on the other hand could have spaghetti at least once a week. Funny how we get ideas in our minds about what a good meal is and how it differs for each of us. That is what makes life interesting . By the way those tomatoes look wonderful.

  2. Great guest post, Brenda. 31 days of pasta sounds like very fun series!

  3. I too popped over to read the guest post and really enjoyed it. What fun to do a 31 day cooking adventure. I bet it would be a great book!

  4. Brenda, I heard something funny today that men can't tell the difference between whether they are hungry or interested in a rendezvous, so when your spouse gets a twinkle in his eye, fix him a sandwich.... or maybe we should add pasta.

  5. Perhaps you'll share some of your recipes here. Or in an e-book? (At our house, I am the one who could eat pasta every night. It's probably good for me that my husband is only a once-a-week pasta eater.) :)

  6. We'll share recipes... thanks everyone for your interest in this little venture of ours.

  7. My husband doesn't like pasta or salads. I cook hamburgers, pizza and other normal?!


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