Friday, November 15, 2013

Raindrops and Bird Choirs

It's raining... wait, wait...

No, it's snowing... no, it's raining... ah, it's snowing...

Hold on, it's rai...

The weatherman upstairs is quite unsettled about what kind of weather to send our way today. It's been interesting to watch.I thought it a lovely scene from my study window to find raindrops hanging in little bead formation from the bottom of the Hawthorne branches. I'm not sure if I've ever noticed that before.

I'm also happy to report that, in spite of the inclement weather, the large flock of sparrows that flew in earlier this afternoon did not feel it necessary to cancel choir practice. Such a song as welled up from the tree tops and bushes. Lovely!

Although it's only mid-afternoon here, it's so dim I reach to turn on the lamp. Don't you just love it when the light of a lamp so cozily fills darkening corners with warmth and comfort? For indeed I am comforted.

If I was to create a list of things I'm grateful for today, I'd be sure to add the int'resting weather we've had thus far. I'd add a special note of thanks for the song of our feathered friends, and for the electricity that wends it way across the miles to light up my little corner of the world.

On that note, here's wishing you warmth and shelter...



  1. What a lovely photo of the droplets of water on the branches....I could almost hear those birds singing!

    I too am happy with a very cool windy day with rain in the forecast!


  2. Love your picture! :) And I am glad that the birds stayed. I just watching birds. I had a woodpecker fly out of a tree right by my head yesterday as I was walking my dog! Now that was something new. :D



  3. Lovely beads hanging from the branch... I, too, noticed that the lamp went on at about three this afternoon. Nothing like the glow of a lamp on a low-light day.

  4. Beautiful, Brenda! I love your words always!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  5. lifebuild12@hotmail.com16 November 2013 at 22:13

    Love the photo and the inspiration. Enjoy the way you notice the little things are thankful! How encouraging. Thanks Brenda! take care, Shirley Williams


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