Saturday, November 16, 2013

Early Morning Musings

Twinkle lights created a cozy corner in my front room

I sit here at my desk in the wee sma' hours of the morning. Rather than turn on the lamp (which you recall gave me so much delight yesterday afternoon), I'm keying this in using only the light of the computer screen.

You see, the Upstairs Weatherman finally made up his mind about what we would be getting. And as I peer out my window, the garden has turned into a snowy wonderland. Although it's still quite dark in the 'there's no sign of sun for at least a couple few hours yet', the urban lighting is diffused and so the skies are stained with a warm peachy hue that is quite, quite lovely.

Why am I up at this hour, when I don't have to go to clean at our performing arts center this morning? After all this time (it'll be two years in Dec), my body is plain used to it. Mmmm... funny how my body doesn't grumble this morning.

My body and I are enjoying this quiet time when the world around me still sleeps. Earlier I crept out of bed away to my wing-back chair by the fireplace, a cozy blanket in one hand (no, not the one covering my slumbering hubby), my journal and bible in the other. I turned on my twinkle lights tree.

What bliss to have unhurried moments to journal, read and chat with my Father about some stuff that have been rumbling around in my mind. Many journal pages later, I realize some time has passed. So I gather my things to go back to bed.

But wait... the view outside is too lovely to sleep through. So I sneak into my study to post something.

I hear someone in the house stirring. Almost 4 hours since I first woke. Yawn and stretch. Maybe it's time for another of my favourite moments in any day... our morning coffee in bed. Freshly brewed with a not too crumbly slice of toasted homemade bread and peach jam. Light conversation. Reading a few pages in my book. As I said before.....bliss.

On that note, I'm off to say good morning to Dear Hubby as the new day brims with promise and my freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Peace be with thee and thine!


  1. I too woke very early today and had my devotional time alone with God. It really is so worth it ( once I drag myself out here) to be alone in the quiet, listening only for Him....
    Thank you for that beautiful description of your morning sky...
    Have a blessed to a handcrafted market at my church :-)


  2. I'm not an early morning person, but on those occasions when I rise early it always turns out to be a lovely time.... with the dark, quiet outside, hot coffee in hand and only my studio twinkle lights glowing.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Brenda!

  3. Always nice to start the morning out in an enjoyable relaxing way. I too enjoy my morning coffee in bed.

  4. I, too, am an early morning person. My husband and I were just remarking yesterday that we can't remember the last time we set an alarm clock! And now that we "fell back", we're even EARLIER morning people :)

    No better time to journal, reflect, pray, prepare....

  5. Just came back from being out in the great white'd think it was the middle of December for the mountains of snow out there already. It felt so seasonal that hubbs and I bundled up to do a little Christmas shopping. (I almost took his temperature as he's usually like to imitate the role of the grinch at this too-early for Christmas time of year).

    Oh what fun it is to ride, er, I mean stand in line in the huge bookstore, touching and examining all the gazingus* pins lining the aisle (*aka as the stuff you neither need nor want..unless the purple one really beckons because you only have it in pink). ....hahaha....

    Now I'm off for a bit of a rest... first a browse through the new Victoria magazine and then a wee nap.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. My husband gets up early like this and loves loves it until I wake up and then his day starts again. It sounds lovely but I can't wake up!

  7. Brenda, this was lovely. So glad that you did the early morning shift so I don't have to and I hope that you had an opportunity for a nap later in the day.

  8. That was a nice post, Brenda. Wow, you got up early. Your enjoyment of the silence was admirable. I should do that sometime. I definitely do the coffee! Susan

  9. Blessings, milady - you are writing here about my favorite time of the day - just waking in the dark with soft light in my Quiet Time Corner, a cat on my lap, tea in my cup, and the Lord's Word open to my heart. All that's missing is the snow today - we have unseasonable highs near 80 degrees.

  10. Dear Brenda - this sounds like my quiet Sat. mornings as well. All except the toast in bed. Not that doesn't give me a great idea too. Like you I always start my mornings out with the Lord and His word and my prayer journal. That quiet time before life begins always gives me a wonderful edge on the day. Take care and have a great week.

  11. Hi Brenda! I'm an early riser, too. I love the quiet of the mornings, inside and out. But, I can also be a night owl, so many times I have to take an afternoon nap! LOL. The photo of the tree really grabbed me! Oh my goodness, you won't believe I have a photo almost exactly like that!! I'll send it in an e-mail. :)


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