Saturday, January 05, 2013

Do You Sing?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a work situation or project where the song in our heart has died. Or, it's been replaced by a weary sighing or, even worse, a growl-y grumbling. We don't feel like whistling or singing anymore.

Maybe that's the time when we need to stop and think about what we do every day; maybe we need to re-consider the current path we're traveling on.

Lady Bird Johnson once gave the sage advice that we should work on projects that make our hearts sing.
Ever since I read those words, I have tried to let them shape my decisions. I do not believe that life is meant to be a drudgery. I believe that life is meant to be lived beautifully. Oh sure, we go through hard experiences, but we don't stay there.We grow, change, learn the lesson.

The projects we sign up for -- voluntarily or as a career -- should not dampen our spirits, but rather they should provide a venue for contentment, abiding joy, and a sense of bubbling adventure. They should energize and fuel us, not drizzle on us till there's only a damp smoldering pile where passion once burned bright.

A number of years ago, my song almost died, because I was afraid to move out from a workplace that no longer gave me joy and fulfillment. Life no longer felt beautiful.

To me, a clear signpost of whether or not we are still doing what we should be doing, is whether or not the song is still in our heart and life still seems beautiful and sweet.

If there's no song your heart, maybe it's time to re-think what will make life beautiful again for you. I'm happy to report the nightingale sings again for me.

With loving wishes for that new song in your own heart,


  1. This touched a 'chord' in my heart. I totally believe in this philosophy - especially as I get older. there just isn't enough time to bother doing things that you don't love. (I did say 'things' - not people. sometimes we are called to love the unlovable...)

  2. I love this. What a great challenge for a new year - to find work and hobbies that make one sing, and to let go of the ones that are drudgery.

  3. Yes. Usually in the privacy of my home. Sometimes I hum a little hum to keep my spirits up. Any chance of your ever being specific about that situation where you lost your song? I'd be interested.

  4. I know you sing! One can hear it in your words!

    My favorite song is "O, Beautiful Star" and I sing at the top of my voice when walking to the barn...

    I agree that one should do what makes one sing. It is joy, isn't it?

    Tell what you are doing these days?? Me. Playing house, sewing, and getting ready to head back to the classroom! I'll be singing...

  5. I like humming but i have to confess that I do less of it since we have so much to listen to! Isn't is sort of sad? We hear less whistling and singing due to people closed off in their own little 'music worlds'. I come from a singing family and my siblings and parents sing together at every Christmas dinner. Precious times. Your words touched me because by tonight I have definitely heaved some very big sighs, due to the weariness of trying to catch up on that cycle of housework.. Your words have put a song in my heart and I want to thank-you for your faithful inspiration in your posts because you always remind me that its a beautiful life.

    Hugs and Happy 2013(())

  6. Yes, I am blessed to say that my work makes my heart sing; and sometimes it makes me weep. I work in a school with a large population of poor children. I rejoice in their little victories and shed countless tears over their troubles But in this case I suspect that my tears may in some way be a bittersweet song to my Father as they fall upon His altar. May you have much to sing about in 2013!

  7. I retired because "the song left my heart".
    Love how you put it into words.
    Now when anyone asks why I retire I will let them know about my song.

  8. I surround myself with peaceful music which is soothing. I sing in church and in my heart cause I'm doing with my life what I want Walmart there is a worker-a woman who whistles as she puts out the meat packages. It's delightful to hear her...

  9. Yes, I just sang for an hour to my granddaughter. I hadn't done that in a long time. And when fresh snow caught me by surprise, I opened my mouth and out came "Winter Wonderland." I know what you mean. I try to keep things in my life that make me sing.

  10. Singing, what a great sign to help us see when we are off course. These days I'm singing, but there was a time when I wasn't.


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