Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Floral Glimpses From My Perch

Who could have guessed the Rudbeckia we planted earlier this spring would make such a showing in its first season out. We had hopes it would help fill a 'hole' in the garden once the spring and summer perennial parade had waltzed past.

Well you can imagine, then, how DELIGHTED we were at the utter exuberance of this particular plant, towering well above the window sill at around seven feet. It obviously feels planted in the right spot (hot and protected in the southerly exposure).

I've never looked that closely at this flower before -- isn't she a beauty?
What a hat ... fit for a Russian Princess, wouldn't you say!

A sprightly dance they made
as petals fluttered in the breeze.

Hope you've got something that's delighting you as much today,




  1. how fun I love any flower that resembles a daisy or sunflower!

  2. Rudbeckias are so cheerful. I hoped to have a great patch of them, but they apparently needed more sun than I have. Lovely photos...

  3. Bright and Shine !
    Beautiful, Just like you ; )

  4. They do add such colour to the garden. I love the tawny coloured ones as well.

  5. Love those photos! Flowers just know how to cheer up a place!

  6. I love the yellow in a flower - just brightens the world.

  7. Truly gorgeous, Brenda! I'm amazed at the abundant showing for the first year... she must really like where she's planted.


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