Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simply Sunday: Celebrate Every Little Hint

"I don't have to wait until all is well, but I can celebrate every little hint of the Kingdom that is at hand." ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Return of the Prodigal Son

How interesting to discover one of my favourite authors, Henri Nouwen, basically describing the overall theme focus of this blog. Would you agree that 'celebrating every little hint of the Kingdom' sounds very similar to 'catching glimpses of heaven in unexpected places'?

No, we do not deny the fact that there are days when we wonder whether life really is beautiful... especially when one keeps hearing news of disasters and seeing people doing their darnedest to destroy what is beautiful, good, and true in their own lives, not to mention the world around them.

Nouwen attests to that as well when he notes, "Yes, I know... that there is not peace everywhere, that all pain has not yet been taken away, but still, I see people turning and returning home; I hear voices that pray; I notice moments of forgiveness, and I witness many signs of hope."

The Good Book says in the beginning it was good....the Book also says it will be good again in the end.

It's this middle bit that sometimes sets our teeth on edge... and that's why I find it such a comfort and a joy to know that I do not have to wait until all is well before I can celebrate. I desire to rejoice in even the smallest hints of God's goodness and the refracted beauty of the Kingdom of Love that so many others express and share.

No matter what, in order to keep our joy and to not grow discouraged, we must keep celebrating the teeniest hints of that Kingdom; we must keep our eyes fixed on the One who said we could pray on earth for what is in heaven.  Because one day it will be well.

In the meantime we keep looking for the Beauty in unexpected places.  Evidence that the One who is Beautiful is still at work.

Wishing you grace for your journey this week!

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  1. "The Book says in the beginning it was good....the Book also says it will be good again in the end.
    It's this middle bit that sometimes sets our teeth on edge..."

    i love this part of your post!!! i try to look for the beauty in each day, altho somedays i fail miserably at creating it! if you saw my flowers(ie:hostas!) you'd turn me in for 'cruelty to plants"!!! they are suffering so! i'm wondering why our God is 'baking' our earth and destroying its beauty with fires, floods & drought??? these are truly 'teeth on edge days'!

  2. a gratitude attitude makes all the difference!

  3. Oh that is a wonderful special it must have been to have found it again. If we had to wait for Glory to experience it, I think we would be utterly crushed. Beautiful post, Brenda, simply lovely.

  4. I love that quote. I try to do what it says. That way, I can have some joy every day. Great post.

  5. What a beautiful reminder to not get discouraged, but to look for what is good in life. I like this post.


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