Monday, July 09, 2012

Hot Weather Tip

Here in Alberta, Canada, we are experiencing some hot summer days. Lovely. But as we don't usually get long, long stretches of that really hot weather, people often opt not to have air conditioning. Not so lovely when it comes to sleeping on such warm nights.

Imagine my delight then when long ago -- on one of those hot, sultry nights where the fan blew hot air around and we wished for a breezy reprieve, we had a flash of inspiration to fill the hot water bottle with icy cold water.  Now that was heaven!

So, if you're experiencing your own dog days of summer,
we hope this tip adds another way to keep cool.




  1. What a brilliant idea. Not that we are having any hot weather, but we might one day! I will know what to do then.

  2. Clever! We used to put a block of ice in a bucket before the fan back in the days before AC. I'd hate to give up the AC now, though. Though I'm happily doing it this week!

  3. well our ac is on 24/7 and needed as we begin our 100+ degree days...

    1. Believe me, I'd be having it on 24/7 too... don't know how you do it... but I guess we tend to adjust to the places where we have to live, don't we?

  4. Great idea! to find that water bottle?!!

  5. We are drinking lots of iced mint tea which I make from my mint patch. There are times, though, that I think of sitting in it instead! I put up a blow up pool, but the ducks stole it from me.... Wishing you cooler nights for sweeter dreams!


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