Friday, June 01, 2012

How Do You Nurture Your Dream?

"In your heart, keep one still secret spot where dreams may go
and be sheltered so they may thrive and grow."
~ Louise Driscoll

How do you nurture your dreams so they may thrive and grow up? I believe one way to do this is to create some real time and space in our daily living routines. And before you yelp, I don't have time I'm too busy, please read three tips that I'm finding helpful when I keep them in mind:

1. It doesn't need to be big chunks of time. I read a book once where the author talked about not falling into the trap of thinking that a dream has to be a big 'all or nothing' pursuit. You know the idea that if we don't have lots of time to spend on it, we shouldn't even begin at all, that we should wait for a more convenient season when we're not so busy. 

One day I shared with a blogging friend that I have some book ideas forming in my heart, but that I was waiting for when I had lots of time to work on them. At least three to four hours a day, five days a week. And since I didn't have that kind of time available, I put it all off, because I, too, had fallen for the idea that it had to be 'all or nothing'. 

2. Small beginnings make progress. But then there was dear Matty encouraging me to find myself some writing time. In an email she said: "Just get it on paper. Don't worry about how it reads right now. Thoughts. Words. Sentences, maybe. Even pictures. Just get it down! Make yourself a gift of 30 minutes or 15 or even 10 to do this... I know this book is in you wanting to be born. Won't you let it?"

Talk about timing... certainly a message I needed to hear. That's when I decided to give myself the gift of working for 20 minutes a day. That's all. Twenty minutes just for my writing. 

3. Make the time enjoyable. I started imagining how I could make these few minutes a special time in the day. Kinda like when, years ago, I started a gratitude journal, and throughout the day I eagerly looked forward to what I would include at day's end in my pretty notebook.

So now, I started thinking about how I could create a writing interlude in my space, a time of day and a place where I would feel the freedom to just 'be' without that tugging that something else needs doing first. And, rather than use my computer during this time, I would find a large pretty notebook and write in long hand, with a pen in hand. That helps me to get in the creative mood. Maybe I have a cup of tea or sparkling water in a stemmed glass, and perhaps keep a copy or two of the my old Victoria magazines to browse for a minute or two to fan the inspiration of seeing words written by another writer.

I was getting excited! This writing event wouldn't have to be textbook grim, the I've-got-to-get-this-done kind of work, but it could take on the flavor of an eagerly anticipated celebration. Talk about feeling nurtured. Invigorated. Audacious even!

* * *

So we're on our way. We'll let you know how it unfolds. And, Matty, here's a kiss in the breeze for being that loving friend (who by the way lives over at Lazy Bee Farm

Back to my original question... how do you nurture your own dreams? Are you making even a little space in your life to taste and see that this is a good thing, so well worth pursuing?

Now, here's wishing you a dreamy weekend with glimpses of heaven!



  1. I'm reminded of how a tiny ant builds an anthill... one grain of sand at a time. I had someone tell me that I gardened that way. I suppose that's how I go about reaching for my dreams. I figure that if I start somewhere and do something a little each day that after time I'll have made progress.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

    1. Cindy, and that's probably why you have been and are living in and enjoying your dreams... marvelous!

  2. What a beautiful post!!!
    I tend to fall into the category of thinking iy'll never happen so...
    It's good to remember to take small steps in the right direction!!!

    1. Yes, if we already decide that it'll never happen, then our minds work really hard to get our choices to line up with that decision.

  3. I try to do morning pages ala Julia Cameron daily and I blog every other day. That's the joy of retirement from a job or mothering-there is more time and I can choose how to use it!

    1. Oh I love the morning pages too... I journal most days, often more than once.

  4. How wonderful...a book!
    I say, make use of that time and your dreams will come true.
    Good advice.

    I am such a goal oriented person. I have small goals and large ones.
    They help me make my dreams come true.
    Sounds like you are on your way.

    1. I have often lamented that I am more prone to serendipity... which is lovely for spontaneous opportunities in a given day. But in order to talk about goal setting, usually I feel fenced in when I make them. When I think about it... perhaps it's because serendipity has a higher value in my heart than checking off a to-do list (although I know how to do that too).

      Thanks for the good wishes, Christine!

    2. Hi Brenda...Good for you working on your writing goals! How do I nurture my dreams? Well, I find that taking ACTION is the key. For instance, I wanted to learn how to play the banjo. So, I called a local music store, asked if anyone there taught banjo (they did), and took weekly lessons for several months. Now I don't take lessons any more but still love playing. That was one dream-come-true. Have many more in the making! Susan

  5. A wonderful post Brenda; it has me thinking too, about dreams and goals. I love the idea of creating a special writing interlude - rather than simply trying to catch a few free minutes in a day.

    Beyond your good idea, my theory has always been to "just begin". Don't wait until you think you have the time; that time never comes. Simply begin and you will find that you've had the time all along.


    Ps - Isn't Matty a wonderful encourager!!

  6. Very sweet words today and your friend came along with just the right words at the right time...the power of words!

    I'm afraid that I have allowed my dream to wither on the vine...

  7. I went after one dream - that of a degree in French - one course at a time. Other dreams had to wait. Now I'm in the process of deciding what dream I most want to pursue next.

    I need to remember that not all of my dreams will come to fruition, but they can be beautiful and inspiring nonetheless. And some dreams have to be set aside so that others can flourish. I can accomplish a lot, but not everything at the same time. This is something I've been realizing in the last few years. As long as God gives me life and a healthy mind, I think I'll have dreams to pursue.

    Great post, Brenda, makes me think.

  8. I love that quote ~ a secret place for dreams. I think of late my dreams have gotten lost in the clutter of life. Your post made me think it is time to go nurture them and see them grow.

  9. I can say that I haven't done that lately. It is a great idea and I would love to try it. What a beautiful way to create.

  10. Thank you so much for the timely encouragement. It's so true that we need to start where we are with what we have. I am working on a book too, and have the same struggles. I read that one must push through the writing without editing and re-editing; save that for last. Otherwise you never get out of chapter one!

  11. Oh, My Sweet Friend! It is the magic in you, not me! I am so excited to see this journey you are on right now! You have so much in you waiting to be shared. What a gift it will be for us all as you do so!

    I am sending you a warm hug and a cuppa to share when you have time!



  12. I confess I have fallen into the trap of thinking 'all or nothing' before, but it incredible just how much you will achieve in your twenty minutes.

  13. How wonderful!! Good for you. I have fallen into that trap myself many times. Then last year I decided if I didn't start my little Pink Home Shop even with just a few of my creations, I never would. And I'm so glad I did. Waiting on perfection is just time wasted.

  14. I was very excited to read this post, I am looking forward to hear how your dream will be going forward. I always knew there was a book or two in your heart that need to be written,you have even made me think about "the little red school house" that I have been wanting to write for my blog.

  15. Hi Brenda, what a wonderful post! I am so proud of you! I agree with Matty I believe with all my heart that there is a " book inside you waiting to get out" too. I have been reading your blog for about a couple of years now and I think you have some incredible stories and a wonderful way of sharing beauty and peace with others. I would like to be one of the first to line up for your first book signing!

    I have had the same feelings stirring inside lately myself. That is one reason I started up the new blog. My doctor told me that she thought it would be good for me to write a book about some of the issues I have experienced with chronic pain and that she thought I had a lot to say that might help someone just starting out. I had never thought about it before. Once she planted the seed it was like ideas just began to explode in my mind. It was really invigorating. I decided to start the new blog with the hope that it would keep me writing and that I could learn from the experiences of others and from their comments.

    Have a wonderful evening ahead Brenda and I wish you all the best with your writing goals! With Love, Delisa :)

  16. Brenda, this is so true and your words are so inspirational and encouraging. We really need to encourage one another creatively, all the time! Writing is the one thing that a writer can end up not doing that day! Then the days and weeks add up, and the play or the book is just in limbo. So thank you so much for reminding us that to even carve out 20 minutes a day makes a huge difference! Best to you!


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