Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Are You Up To This Saturday?

I'd love to have a peek into what your Saturday looks like today. We can talk about the weather. We can chat about what's for breakfast. What you're doing, wearing, reading; what you're saying, feeling, thinking. In just a few short sentences (or longer ones, if you have lots to say). Using the letters that make up the word 'Saturday'. I'll go first...
S - Soft gray skies

A - Appreciating my hubby as he does the errands this morning

T - Trying to stay quiet of body and mind after a busy week

U - Underlining a few ponderable quotes (see below)

- Reading Jan Karon's In This Mountain and vintage March issues of Victoria

- Delighting in a pottering, snoozing, simple kind of day

A - Admiring the gift of Mozart's music as its cheery notes waft through the house

Y - Yummy plans to make a quick apple strudel

Wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. S - sitting in my set-apart chair
    R - resting in his sweet presence today

    enjoy your saturday, brenda ~ it sounds lovely

    p.s. hope you don't mind if i steal one of your quotes :)

  2. hello Brenda. Glad you like my blog. Thanks for commenting.

    Me? Baking, walking,blogging and sorting some papers!

  3. S - surrounded by seed catalogs
    T - thinking of Spring
    D - debating on seedlings to start

  4. S oup...potato
    A nd soda bread...hmmm...good
    T hinking about ice cream next
    U nless we stay home and veg
    R eading some blogs
    D oing some decorating
    A ntsy for spring
    Y es!

  5. Hey Pam, since it's not 'my' quote you're welcome to it... hehe

    Barbara, Betty, Vee, So lovely to catch glimpses of your day...

  6. Hi Brenda! I hope you are having a wonderful saturday. Let's see, I overdid my back a bit yesterday and have been resting today. It is a beautiful spring day, the grass seemed to turn green overnight. My dog Barkley had a bath and he is so soft and fluffy, I have been holding and petting him every time he walks by. The house is quiet today, which is very relaxing. Hubby is off in the garage tinkering and my mother-in-law has gone to a baby shower. I have been watching re-runs of Dr. Who and old Betty Davis movies. What a combination! I have also started crocheting a new afghan for our guest room. It is a lacy pattern with a pineapple design done in soft ivory yarn. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Delisa ;)

  7. Some pancakes with fresh maple syrup.
    Add a trip to town for my daughter and groceries.
    Talk with my mother -in -law.
    Use my children to help put groceries away.
    Realize it's past lunch.
    Do all the cleaning in a hurry.
    As the sun is shining.
    Yesterday will be here before I know it!!
    Thanks, Brenda!!!

  8. Hello, Saturday is almost over, Things I did today,
    went for early breakfast,
    chicken sandwich and corn chowder for lunch,
    spent 2 hours in the library,found some fun quilting books.
    It is raining to wash away winter's grime,
    It has been a lovely day.

  9. well it's sunday so I'll do those letters.
    S-sabbath day or rest
    U-understanding why I am here
    N-noting God's hand in my life
    D-daily returning my thanks
    A-always remember His love
    Y-you are most important to Him!

  10. I really enjoy your Blog Brenda, may you have a great Saturday always. Me i'm gonna cook a nice breakfast for my family today and spend time with my kids, they are growing to fast. Hope today Thursday you woked up to a a lovely morning like I have.


To My Beautiful Readers,

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

Thank you so much for leaving your 'footprint' here in my comment box. I do appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts today.

Brenda xo