Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway: The House in Bloom

   We're celebrating our third anniversary of
It's A Beautiful Life

When I started blogging in August 2008
I challenged myself to do 100 posts in 100 days.
It was my way of becoming more consistent with my writing.
I'm happy to report, it worked!

N O W...

For all you lovely kindred spirits
who also appreciate Beauty and Victoria magazine's overall theme
  to 'return to loveliness'
I am DELIGHTED to give away...

decorating with floral themes
by Judy Spours and The Editors of Victoria Magazine, 2002

"House in Bloom celebrates the country garden as it appears inside the home, as the inspiration for fabrics and painted ceramics, in the colors used to decorate walls and furniture, and in numerous decorative accessories."

"Chapter by chapter, this book shows how the natural world can be reflected inside your home... Take your inspiration from the brilliant shades of summer flowers, from the subtle tones of fall foliage, from the textures of the garden and meadow... ."

Giveaway Now Closed

Wishing you a bloomin' success!


  1. Brenda, You are such an inspiration! I used to subscribe to the VICTORIA magazine and I think I will again after visiting your site. Your site is as lovely as you are and you are a treasure to have as a friend.Sincerely,Terry

  2. Hello Brenda - are you prepared to post to France? If so, I would love to win this book. I've been adoring my 'homes' book collection this summer, re-reading old favourites and adding one more to the shelves! I could really see this one joining them, as I love decorating with flowers. You can see that from my blog... And I am a follower, although I am only a patchy commenter.

  3. Floss... lovely to hear from you. If you win, I'd be pleased to forward it to France... I've never mailed anything there before!

    Terry... A person of beauty and creativity such as yourself, I should have known you'd love Victoria too! BTW, you're a treasure too!

  4. Wow, that looks lovely and even it shows mauve flowers on it (my favorite colour).

    Congrats on your 3rd blogging anniversary, Brenda!!

    I'm Canadian, so I don't expect you to enter me in this draw, but just had to say how nice that book looks!!!

  5. Eileen... Lovely to hear from you! Count yourself in the draw... of course Canadians are included! And it's wonderful to meet a fellow-canuck!

  6. Hi Brenda - congratulations on three years of blogging! I started just two years before you, with a similar goal (encourage myself to write more) and as you say, it's been an adventure!!! Here's to more years for both of us. :)

  7. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging, Brenda! Isn't it amazing how people from all over the world connect this way?
    I'd love to win this book - why? - because I am always bringing bits of nature into my home. And flowers are among the prettiest.

  8. Isn't it a lovely book?? Gee... Why would I like it?? Cause it is pretty and I like pretty books! LOL And, it would make me think of you... and it would make winter more bearable... Yes, I am a stalking kind of follower! :O

  9. Brenda, thank you for reminding me to come and visit. I am a floower now, I thought I was already, but must have forgotten to sign up.
    I would love to win a book that has anything to do with flowers. When I'm in my rose garden I feel so close to Heaven amongst the scents and colours.
    But, like Floss, I'm in France too!

  10. I believe that I qualify on all three levels...the book (and it's from Victoria!)is definitely appealing to one who loves her home and her garden. And, yes, I am a follower. Yay!

    You began your blog for the same reason that I began mine. I might have suspected that.

    Happy writing, Brenda!

  11. Brenda, what a gorgeous book! And oh how I have loved Victoria magazine over the years!

    Happy Blogging Anniversary!
    ~ Violet

  12. Hi Brenda,

    First, congratulations on three years of blogging. That's a milestone well worth celebrating. And look at you, to celebrate, YOU'RE giving gifts.

    The Victoria book looks awesome. If I won, I'd use it for color ideas for my blog header site.

  13. I'm so glad you started blogging three years ago and so glad I found you when I did! You are such an inspiration to me, Brenda. I LOVE Victoria Magazine, I love flowers, and I love decorating and making beautiful spaces in my home. So for that reason I would LOOOVVEE to have this book. But the most important reason I would like it is because everytime I picked it up I would think of you and your Beautiful Life!
    Blessings and happy blogging to you!


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