Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Wintry Favourites

"Oh the weather outside is frightful."

Today we're having a real snow day. It's stormy and blustery and cold. Brrrrr. But, wait, that means it's a perfect day to enjoy a few of my winter favourite things.

Doing things like....

Making homemade soup like Luscious Lemon Chicken Soup

Wrapping Christmas parcels with bright paper and ribbons

Letting a purring kitty cat curl up in my lap or play with the ribbons

Hunkering deep into my comfy chair by the fireplace

Reading something light and cozy

Shoveling some snow off the driveway

Experiencing that exhilarating tingle on my face, fingers, and toes

Keeping twinkle lights on ALL day ... and to heck with energy bills
Visiting my dear blogging friends

All in all, it's a great day to thrill at being alive....
Wishing you some of your own winter-y favourites!

A warm hug,


  1. It's fun when bloggers I know meet other bloggers I know. Have a wonderfully cozy day!

  2. Oh I do love to leave on the twinkle lights on these dark snowy days...surely they don't take up too much energy! ;-D

    I tried to click on your new friend but the link is broken. No worries though I looked up the name on Google Blog Search and found it right away.

    Hope your day is warm & cozy!♥

  3. Oh I read both of those, too. Weren't all those ideas great? I'll be eager to read your comments about the lemon soup. It sounded delicious to me. Stay cozy...

  4. Lorrie... it is FUN, I agree totally!

    Tammy... nah... not that much energy.
    Mmm... thanks for the heads up about the bad link -- I fixed it. It seems to work now.

    Vee...I'll let you know about the lemon soup. You be cozy too!

  5. creative fun ideas...I like leaving my tree lights on even though it's not snowing, it is overcast today...

  6. I loved this post...I think it's great to give a gift that wasn't purchased!!

  7. Thanks for the Lemon Chicken Soup recipe. It sounds interesting. I have been enjoying the sunrises and sunsets, especially the last few weeks. We have had lots of pinks and blues, except for these snowy days.
    Got my exercise, however.

  8. Hi Brenda, love that picture! We had ice and rain here in Charlotte. We were hoping for a little snow!

  9. Thanks for this graphic . It is so fun. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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