Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uncovering Nuggets

There's always something quite satisfying about taking a few moments to clean off the junk pile that accumulates on the side of my desk.

For one thing, there's the joyful pleasure of putting things to rights -- bringing order out of chaos in one's corner of the world, even if it's just the corner of my desk. Then, there is the delight that comes when one uncovers a hidden treasure... a 'nugget of gold' in a pile of junk.

I can't say that I ever found any loose cash in those piles. Rats. So my tiny treasures are not of the monetary kind.  But I do appreciate uncovering some favourite saying and quote that's been scribbled down on a scrap of paper or index card, patiently waiting to be added to my quote box or journal.

Here are a few little treasures I enjoyed finding again -- I'm offering them to you with the hope they shall add a little inspiration to your day too...

On Variety...
The best way to know life is to love many things.
~ Vincent Van Gogh

On Forgiveness...
Always forgive your enemies--
nothing annoys them so much.
~ Oscar Wilde

On Hope...
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
~ Carl Bard

On Sharing...
To get a full value of a joy
you must have someone to divide it with.
~ Mark Twain

On Homemaking...
Take responsibility for the way your home feels.
~ Alexandra Stoddard

On Writing...
Just pay attention,
then patch a few words together,
and don't try to make them elaborate.
This isn't a contest but a doorway.
~ Mary Oliver

Three Rules of Work...
Out of clutter find simplicity;
From discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
~ Albert Einstein

On Clearing Clutter...
If I was moving away, would I take it with me?
~ Kathy, my sister

On Discarding Paper...
If I've learned the lesson (written on this paper),
why do I need to keep it?

If I have not learned the lesson
from this piece of paper yet, I'm not going to learn it.
(Maybe I need) to get a new piece of paper.
~ Kathy, my sister

Wishing you a fine day!


  1. good thoughts, I got a chuckle at forgive your enemies-it annoys them. lol

  2. Your sister sounds very wise!

  3. Agreed that your sister Kathy is worth listening to!

  4. I love Albert Einstein. Did you find any Yogi Bera? :)

  5. Lovely thoughts... just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing them!!


  6. Your blog looks good. Great idea. I have as hard time getting rid of my computer junk and stuff as I do my physical junk and stuff.Your sister seems to be a wise woman.

  7. Your sister Kathy is quite the sage! =D

    1. Say, have you heard from Peggy (Queenmothermawmaw) lately?

    2. Vee, I haven't heard from Peggy in a very long time. I've looked a few times. I won the cutest painting she did of a chicken many years ago.

  8. I love the way your sister Kathy thinks :) !


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