Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tiny Stitching Treasures

Talk about making a square inch count.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's what 39 Squares is doing to celebrate her 39th birthday. An amazing needle woman, this blogger decided to create a grid-style sampler with a square for each of her 39 years. A square a day.

It's amazing how much beauty and delight can fit into one tiny inch of fabric. It's one of those 'good things in small packages' deal! I've taken the liberty of sharing a tiny sample of her work to make you want go and see the rest for yourself.

And no, as much as we'd love to, I'm not actually stitching along... just 'hitching' a ride to watch creativity threaded at its best. However, it might send you flurrying for your own box of coloured yarn, beads, and needles.

May threads of beauty and grace be woven into the fabric of your day!



  1. Yes, I've been watching this come along and it is fun to do. Lots of gals are on board. Are you going to give it a go?

  2. we all have different interests...

  3. What lovely needlework! I used to do needlework (crewel embroidery and counted cross stitch on linen) I miss it alot. I create jewelry now but maybe some how I could combine the two! Now theres an idea!

  4. I learned crewel in my late teens and decorated many shirts (popular at the time) and pictures and pillows... Haven't picked it up again. Maybe I will... Will check out the blog.

  5. I used to do cross-stitching/crewel work and found it both relaxing and satisfying. It started when I was a young girl, after a visit to Williamsburg, Va., where my mother fell in love with Colonial samplers and wanted me to make one. So I did. Your post inspired me to think about taking this up again -- if I can find the time :-)

  6. I've been following Lorrie at Fabric, Paper, Thread as she has been doing the 39 squares. It is so beautiful. I did some stitchery like this as a very little girl with my mother. This is very inspiring to try something so free and whimsical. I would love to teach my daughter to do it, too.



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