Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Musings

It's bright and beautiful today and the air is full of warm earthy smells. I heard my first robin the other evening -- that's always a happy Spring sound. I love to hear their evening vespers as they warble from roof top peaks.

It's been busy around here, so I haven't done much in the way of creative writing for my blog. I have lots of things stirring on the inside, but it takes time to 'mine' them out. I was talking to God about that recently, how it seems so hard to put into coherent writings those bits and pieces I've been chewing and mulling over, especially those deeper things I hear Him whispering to me. As quick as anything, I heard Him quip, "Mining is hard work".

I chuckled. Of course! What else did I expect? Diamonds don't often lay atop the soil, we have to work hard to get at them. And then, the work doesn't end there, because they come in a very rough state. So much more work is needed to cut and polish until that gem becomes something we want to wear and enjoy. So, too, our words and ideas need such hard work.

What should we do when the mining gets too hard? There are little things I do, like going for a walk, taking a tea break, or going somewhere to browse at something new and different. Some times the best thing is to put it on the back burner and let it simmer some more. One thing I do for sure is read. I let the mined and polished gems from other 'miners' encourage me not to give up, but to press forward, to keep cutting, polishing and working.

On that note...

Here's wishing you all a pleasant and joy-filled day!


  1. Your posts are always such a breath of fresh air!

  2. Whether you post or not, the beautiful flowers that greet me everytime I visit are worth dropping by! I also enjoy your insights & perspectives.

    Keep on walking. I KNOW it'll translate to some great posts!

    Be blessed,

  3. I agree about not having enough time for all the blogs one desires to keep up with! I'm so glad we've reconnected! So...Victoria magazine was the very first magazine I ever truly loved, even as a child! I actually picked one up again recently, realizing how much I've missed it. Perhaps I should get a subscription...

  4. can you believe I've never seen a victoria magazine except on your blog? I too am reading several books at the same time mostly self help or writing themes. I've misplaced a couple of them though with all the company we've had lately-no time for reading but things are settling down before the next family visitors for my grandkids spring break-all four are coming plus their!

  5. You are an inspiration. I enjoyed that. Happy spring!

  6. I often feel like that. Lots of thoughts that flit through my mind like butterflies and then float off again on the breeze. It's difficult to put them down on paper sometimes, but I find, if I just continue to write, it helps.

    BTW, the birds have been singing up a storm outside my bedroom window. I LOVE it!

    And, I have 6 books on my bedside table, right now, including a book of crossword puzzles. :o)

  7. Hi Brenda, thank you for your visit. I must complement you on your header, it is like ohh.. how beautiful. I read your post and I see similarities. If I am in a rut I always tell myself, hey be happy, you are healthy, have a nice healthy family, lovely pets, a nice garden...and and and so much more; I am a bookworm too and it is a wonderful relaxation for me. Have happy, relaxing days. days

  8. I love the flowers in the picture at the top of your blog Brenda. Are they ranunculi?
    Justa reminder: when you finish The Murder on the Links, and you've written a post about it, then do go and submit the post to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival at

  9. I really enjoy visiting your blog Brenda - lovely words today, thought provoking! A x

  10. Ohhhhh... what a treat to find all your comments when I opened up this morning.... like little treasures!

    Thank you!

  11. This was the perfect post for me to read. I relish the quiet moments that come into our lives and allow us the tranquility to reflect on new perspectives and let our souls steep in thought... although lately I don't seem to have nearly enough of them.

    Another beautifully written and insightful glimpse into you. You always leave me wishing I could sit on a garden bench and share a cup of tea and ideas with you. You're salve for my spirit, Brenda.

  12. Arggg.... I just accidently deleted two wonderful comments from Staci and A Few Good Cats. My apologies!

    I really enjoyed your comments and was looking forward to others having the benefits of your insights.

    If you'd care to reply again, I'll be very careful this time.

    Oh my, that's what happens when you're not fully engaged where you should be! LOL


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Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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