Sunday, January 07, 2024

My One Weakness... Or Two or Three

"I should warn you, I am far from perfect.
I have many, many weaknesses."
Miss Dorcas Lane, Lark Rise to Candleford

The other morning Lorrie on her Fabric, Paper, Thread blog pondered what she feels she cannot resist. I enjoyed her list and was immediately reminded of Postmistress Miss Dorcas Lane on the well-loved PBS television series Lark Rise to Candleford. She was often known to mention something she considered her 'one weakness'. A person didn't have to watch long to realize that Miss Lane had a number of these little harmless weaknesses she couldn't resist.

It turns out, I have more than a few myself. And in making my little list, I realized several are food-related. Here are some things I cannot resist - the list is by no means exhaustive (wink):

1. Tea sandwiches. A plate of tiny sandwiches and I'm in seventh heaven.

2. Cake. A slice of delicious layer cake.
3. Chocolate. Jacek's bar of dark chocolate with sea salt. A single square smoothly satisfies. These are made from a local award-winning chocolatier.    

4. Cheetos Crunchy Cheesies. These are my favourite salty treat with Miss Vickie's potato chips a close second.

5. Stationery. I am beguiled by pretty book covers, well-designed notebooks, and artsy greeting cards.

6. Books. Mysteries, memoirs and biographies, historical novels, art books, to name a few. I never tire of books or reading. Seeing a used book store and my feet go there automatically.

What do you find hard to resist?

Wishing you a beautiful day,

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  1. How fun of you to do this, and how fun for me to read!

  2. Hello Brenda. Happy New Year! Oh, it was fun to read your post and all the things you cannot resist. I think my list would include lots of food items, too. Let's see. I cannot resist freshly made coffee in the morning with half and half or, better yet, light cream; hard to resist ice cream, espeically with Mrs. Richardson's caramel or hot chocolate on top and real whipped cream. yum; going into a thrift store if I see one.There might be really quality treasures in there!; grabbing my computer to check emails, blogs, FaceBook entries, and on and on; buying real flowers to put in a vase, especially pink roses in all sizes or daffodils or tulips or hyacynths or Stargazer get the drift; picking up books by favorite authors and savoring them, like delicious morsels; and hugging grandchildren, friends, family members, and anyone who wants to hug back. Great fun to think of these, Brenda.

  3. Things that I find difficult to resist:

    Books, books, and more books
    Fabric to fuel my quilting addiction
    Eating out
    Law and Order

  4. I can't resist jelly-filled donuts, magazines, thrift stores, church bazaars, crossword puzzles and suduko. Happy New Year everyone. Elaine (in Toronto)

  5. LOVED this post! I never really pondered my 'one weakness' before! cup of fresh coffee with sunrise-soak, thrift-stores esp. book section, poem books, recipe books, I LOVE period dramas, kinda anything England-flavored, flower-gardens, garden-bench, gates with winding lanes beyond, brooks, tea, scrabble, enamelware dishes, muffins...Here's to a new weak full of enjoying our 'one weakness-es!' ;-0 Happy New Year.

    1. should say 'here's to a new week but I don't mind the tweak of 'new weak(ness) either. lol!!

  6. Ah fun!
    I love your list.

    I can't resist layered cake either!
    Books of all kinds.
    good chocolate!

  7. Brenda I certainly have a list and some of it mirrors yours...chocolate with a touch of salt...mysteries and used book stores to mention just three. There are more but may have to leave it for one of my blog posts. Hope you are having a lovely day. Hugs!

  8. I loved Lark Rise to Candleford and Miss Dorcas Lane's several "one weakness." What a great list! Cheetos are my favourite cheesie too. Stationery, books, and chocolate OF COURSE! All would make my "one weakness" list. Such a cozy delight to read through (more than once). :)

  9. This is a fun post, Brenda! Those little "weaknesses" are some of the things that make life sweet! Some of mine: antique stores, coffee dates, coffee mugs, chocolate, pretty napkins, house-y things. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  10. What a fun list and something interesting to think about. These days I find it hard to resist black licorice, books, morning coffee, and because it's so dang cold right now, gray sweatpants and flannel shirts!


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