Sunday, October 08, 2023

Being Thankful!

"Be present in all things and
thankful for all things."

This weekend in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving. And what a glorious few days it's been with its bright sunshine and blue, cloudless skies. The brilliance of all the colours of recent weeks has now muted into what Sarah Addison Allen once described as 'a world covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon'. Aptly described as we saw during our afternoon drive in the countryside.

On such a day, it's not hard to be filled with gratitude. I'll assume many of us practice the art of gratitude and thankfulness all year long, but there is something extra-special about a day aside for counting our blessings. One Thanksgiving years ago, I started a list of what I was grateful for, and upon reading it to Rick, he said he'd add Brussels sprouts... well, each to their own. Sure, I can be grateful for this cute cabbage-like vegetable, for I do enjoy them, but let's just say, I'd have to be running out of favourites before I'd ever think to add them to a list😊. 

Today I'm thankful for turkey dinner and French apple tart. I am grateful for health and vitality. I am so thankful for my dear mom who truly has been the best mom in the world. I am over the top thankful for my sweetheart of a husband who is one of the kindest men I know. I am thankful for my dear siblings and their partners, my wonderful nephews and nieces, and my lovely set of friends who help make the journey through life bearable, enjoyable, and so worth it. Let's see... I'm also grateful for coffee, tea, and books. Chocolate. And for roses, sweet peas, and marigolds and for eyes to see their beauty and colour—they're still blooming in the backyard. I'm so glad for a nose to breath in scent—the fragrance from the sweet peas I picked yesterday is incredible. I'm grateful for plenty to eat, shelter in a cozy home, and peace in my heart and neighbourhood. It's a long list... still thinking of so much more. 

As I close, I pray for blessings of good gifts to come to every person in this big old world. I sure hope you have your share of them. And I hope your heart sings with gratitude - I'm humming my own melody as I type. 

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

Photo credit:
Top Image by Castleguard from Pixabay


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda! It's been a lovely day filled with sunshine, and the noisy, but wonderful gathering of children and adults to enjoy turkey with all the trimmings. I pray your blessing of good gifts upon you and Rick as well.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving dear Brenda. We don't have it here in England but every day should be one of being thankful shouldn't it? I do like your list of things that you feel grateful for....books, coffee, flowers, and I'll add tabby cats!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda!

    I also have a lot to be grateful for, including my wonderful blogging friends like you!

  4. My heart definitely sings with gratitude for a multitude of blessings, Brenda. You and your sweet blog are one of them! Happy Thanksgiving as well! It is a great holiday to contemplate all that we have been given in life. So many others have so little while we bask in the plenty of our lives. May the lovely weather continue for you and may peace, joy, and well being continue to be steady companions as well. Susan

  5. I'm grateful for you too, Brenda. Such a charming Thanksgiving post.

    We had a lovely Thanksgiving, and what could be more Canadian than waking up to the surprise of a young moose crossing our lawn on Thanksgiving Monday. Thrilling.


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