Friday, February 17, 2023

Five on Friday: Shopping Spree Finds

"One of the secrets of a happy life
is continuous small treats."

I don't go out for days, don't buy anything for what seems like ages, and then one day, something inside says, I need to go out today. I need to see something new, chitchat with people who are out and about, look for something that surprises my creative soul, teases my senses, and makes me feel part of the human race. I don't suppose you ever feel that urge? Earlier in the week, I had some Valentine's Day shopping to do, and so for Five on Friday today, I delight in sharing a few shopping spree finds with you.

~  ~ ~

One - Small Potted Plant

A pretty potted plant to fill an empty spot on the kitchen window sill. This plant will never require water, although it will need dusting on occasion. I love the tiny purple flowers.

~ ~ ~

Two - 'Rose Lilac' Hand Soap

Can't wait for my old bottle to be done so I can start this new liquid hand soap that comes all the way from France. As you can imagine, it smells wonderful.

~ ~ ~

Three - Ceramic Wall Container 
I was drawn to this cone shaped ceramic piece. I loved the shape and the bright floral design painted on it. Made in Spain, the label was marked 'for the garden'. Our garden is still several feet under snow, and anyways, I have no intention of putting it out in the elements; I've got just the spot for it in my study. The poppies I've had for years; I still love their lush, blowsy look. When I tucked them into this beautiful holder—just to see the effect—I felt a jolt of joy. It makes me feel happy to see it when I come in here.

~ ~ ~

Four - Only A Few Books

I stopped at the book/stationery store to look for a Valentine's card for my 'sweet baboo'. It didn't take me long to scoop these book treats after a quick browse. Over the last couple of years, I've enjoyed reading off and on Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti police novels. Set in Venice, these mysteries have a delightful literary flavour as Brunetti and his wife, Paolo, discuss the books they're reading and eat yummy Italian meals—so deliciously described as to make the reader drool—all while he's puzzling out his investigations.
Rilke's Book of Hours is Rainer Maria Rilke's book of love poems to God, written when he was a young man. I've enjoyed Rilke's more well known book Letters to a Young Poet, so I look forward to dipping into this particular work. I haven't read Julie Sutherland's Bright Poems for Dark Days, but the quick browse promises an anthology of poetry 'to lift the spirits'—it's paired with Carolyn Gavin's winsome illustrations, thus making it all the more lovely to read.

 ~ ~ ~

Five - New Notebook 

Love this sweet notebook with its 'Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady' cover. Edith Holden's wonderful illustrations never grow old. Haha—when I went to add it to my stash of waiting-to-be-used new notebooks, I found I'd already bought this notebook sometime ago. I didn't even remember. But, one can never have too many notebooks, can they? And of course, one can always share it with a kindred lover of pretty notebooks. 

~ ~ ~

Bonus - A Valentine's Watercolour

As I mentioned, it was the day before Valentine's Day, and I needed to do a little shopping for my Valentine. I thought, what about something for his office? I was pleased to find this small unframed watercolour by Canadian artist Gregg Johnson. I love the colours and the composition, and I had hoped he would as well, which he did—we share similar tastes in art.

I came home happy with my purchases. What is it about buying something new for oneself or someone else or for one's house that fills the heart up with happy?

"The smallest of things can make you feel
like something is special about today."
SUSAN BRANCH, Distilled Genius

  Wishing you a beautiful day,

Photo credits: 
Top Image by Aleksey Kutsar from Pixabay
All other images in this post are mine


  1. Brenda, what a lovely choice your little water colour is, very soothing and peaceful.

  2. I love the notebook and it IS fun to shop for pretty new things. I haven't done that in a long time. My new record player is still giving me a lot of joy though! I got a cleaning kit and cleaned my old records. That made me happy!

  3. Oh Brenda!💖. We must be in this wonderful “Soul Sister’s Club!!!!’”🤗. I loved each and every one of your “5 Friday “ finds!!! Even had to laugh at the “Edwardian Notebook find and comment because I, too love notebooks and have ( more than a few) that I have purchased hoping to use!!”
    I picked up a Donna Leon book at a garage sale a few years back and really liked it!! I need to remember her and pick up some more from time to time.
    I, too, love going into small antique shops, bookshops or any shop actually and LOVE finding that small thing that just brings SO much pleasure!!!!! It is just such fun to “know” another soul who “gets this!!!’”☺️
    Last week I ventured into “My Mother’s Memories” owned by a lovely and kind shopkeeper, named Jane. By her register she had several tiny, handmade paper boxes filled with Valentine candy; all made by a local “Crafter.” I was so pleased to buy one for each of my Book Club friends who would be gathering at my house soon.
    Yes!! Sometimes those special little things bring SO much happiness!!!! ☺️
    Thanks for your “Friday” thoughts!!!’ I so loved them.
    ~ Ann…. Fairborn, Ohio

  4. How delightful are your shopping spree finds--treasures to waken and fill the senses!

  5. Yes, indeedy. Your purchases will keep on giving long past their purchase date. Your ceramic wall container is perfection with the beautiful poppies.

  6. Like you, I rarely go shopping for anything other than groceries, so this post and your lovely purchases made me smile. The watercolour is beautiful - looks like Moraine Lake to me. And oh, the draw of pretty notebooks! I have a stack of them, just waiting to be filled with all sorts of thoughts. What a bright spot you've created in your office with the poppies and the ceramic wall vase. Browsing through stores and coming home with a few treats is a lovely way to freshen up one's spirit and one's home, provided one doesn't do it too often (:))!

  7. Hi Brenda, I'm a pen pal and friend of Sharon G.'s. Just came across your blog...just what I needed today...our house has been in an uproar for 2 weeks because of painting and re-flooring our kitchen. Your writing was a wonderful oasis from the chaos! I just love that notebook. :)

  8. I can totally relate to getting that shopping urge!

    As a fellow pretty notebook hoarder, I support the purchase of the "Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" notebook!

  9. What beautiful flowers. I have not read a book of poems in so very long, as a teen I loved to do that through. Funny how things change in your live as you grow. For some reason, I tend to hold onto notebooks and pads of paper. Not a real reason for doing it, I just do. But at least I do know where paper is if I need it, now to figure out how to hold onto pens! Nice blog.

  10. Oh Brenda. What wonderful finds came into your life. The wall cone- shaped vase is fabulous as well as the brightly colored flowers. The lilac rose French hand soap? Divine! And I am SO HAPPY to know you stash unused notebooks in a safe place until needed. I do that, too! The little windowsill plant is so darling. Oh, how I LOVED this post!

  11. Such a pile of delights, Brenda, Good for you! I'm coveting the hand soap and that notebook. And Donna Leon as well, I love her books.

  12. I believe in the Iris Murdoch sentence, Brenda! It's been far too long since I've acted on that so you've given me some ideas. When a trip to Trader Joe's becomes the highlight of the month then it's time for me to expand my vision, I think. I like all your choices! Just the sight of that pretty bottle of liquid soap must lift your heart, and the pretty wall pocket. I've had a ceramic blue an white wall pocket for a few years and did manage to fill it with blooms from the garden a few times but they fade so quickly. I'm going to look for some faux blooms soon. The watercolor you chose is beautiful!

  13. Brenda,
    I just love and enjoy your writing. Every once in a while I share some of the things with my husband. Yesterday, I was sitting beside him while I was reading this post. I saw your ceramic wall container, which I just love also. I have a paper macette one with lavender in it. I told him it's a tussie mussie. Now he just thought I was making that up. I had to look it up and prove to him that I was not making it up, and that it has been around since Victorian times. ;)
    Thanks for blogging such wonderful things.
    Belinda Brooke

    1. Belinda, I apologize for taking so long to reply to your beautiful comment. Tussie mussie... of course, I should have connected the shape of the ceramic piece to those old fashioned Victorian decorations. I was so pleased to know you share some of what you read here with your husband - I smile at the thought. Thank you so much for leaving a note today. I look forward to future visits and chats. Happy Friday!


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