Friday, August 05, 2022

Rainy Day Pursuits

"Nana always said the rain was nature's
way of adding sparkle to the outdoors."

It's rainy and cool as I write. It's a day suited for indoor pursuits like working on this blog post, baking blueberry lemon oat muffins, even imagining a supper meal to roast in the oven rather than grilling on the BBQ. I've got just the thing: turkey thighs from the freezer, along with cabbage rolls, and a turnip puff (a favourite dish we often serve at with turkey dinner).

On my agenda, I'm nudging myself to find a new way for readers here to subscribe to my blog posts if they desire. Since Blogger phased out the gadget for email subscriptions many months ago, I have never had the mental energy to chase down a new platform. On this rainy day, with a few leads in mind, I hope to find a suitable replacement. If any of you have suggestions, my mind is an open book to hear them.

Oh, and the photo collection sitting at well over 2000 images on my iPhone has nearly reached the limit of my free iCloud 5 GB storage. Of course, my notice from iCloud suggests I could purchase 50 GB of storage for a mere $1.29 a month. I think I'll skip that, even if it's a bargain; to me this is a very good time to cull, sort, and then download what I want to keep. I prefer to store my photos on my own external hard-drives. Young folks would probably roll their eyes at the idea, but it works for old-fashioned me.

Also on my to-do list, there's the self-care item—my daily reminder to be good to myself too. Today it has three parts: read something good, walk-exercise for 30 minutes (indoor), and laugh out loud.

"I think rain is as necessary to
the mind as to vegetation. My very thoughts
become thirsty and crave moisture."

From the library I'm currently reading the insightful memoir by Eliza Reid, Canadian born and now First Lady of Iceland, Secrets of the Sprakkar, Iceland's Extraordinary Women and How They Are Changing the World. If you are interested in gender issues and equality, you might enjoy this book. Eliza Reid interviews women, young and old, from across the spectrum, and shares their many stories in a way that's warm and inspiring.

Yesterday I also watched the delightful Miss Potter for the zillionth time on Prime. The film is based on the true story about Beatrix Potter. I love RenΓ©e Zellweger in the role of this world-renowned children's artist and storyteller. And I also love Emily Watson playing Beatrix's dear friend, Millie Warne.

All good stuff for a rainy day on which I woke refreshed from a good sleep, making me feel on top of the world. I don't always feel that way first thing. More often than not there is some ache or pain scratching for attention but not today. So I revel in my feeling well while refreshing rain streams down the window pane as I watch from my perch in the study.

That's me and my life on a wet August morning. We're heading out later to meet friends for coffee at one of our favourite cafes. Can't wait.

 "I like people who smile
when it's raining."

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

Top Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay


  1. A rainy day is a perfect break from the hot summer weather. You say you store your photos on external hard drives. You do know that they can and will crash. I have learned the hard way, that the only way to securely store your photos is an online storage, such as SmugMug, Flickr or even Amazon Prime.My computer crashed some years ago, but I was so confident that everything was backed up on my hard drive. Well, that crashed at the same time. Had I not been backing up photos online, I would have lost over 30,000 pictures. I would have been devastated. Now all I needed to do was download what I wanted from the online storage.

    1. Thank you so much, Ruth, for sharing your own personal experience about backing up photos online vs storing them only the hard drives. I shall have to rethink this! Appreciate your input.

  2. We could do with a little of your rain, Brenda. It's been very hot but humid here, almost as though we were in for a storm. I hope not. I have watched Miss Potter so many times, and I think it was one of Renee Zellweger's best.

  3. That first picture is absolutely glorious. I agree, there is beauty to be found in every day.

  4. It is nice to think of you enjoying the rain and considering putting on the oven to do some baking. Oh it is lovely to have a good night's rest without an ache or a pain to disturb. Enjoy your rainy day and your turkey dinner. It sounds wonderful and cozy.

  5. We are also enjoying cooling rain in the form of sudden monsoons after extreme desert heat temps of 107 degrees plus. The moisture does cool us but also adds humidity to the air but August is here...fall will come. From Lin.

  6. After some of the hot days we've had in the last while, I am also enjoying the treat of rain and cooler temperatures. At least for today:) Fingers crossed for more hot, summery days before the advent of fall!

  7. Good Morning! Ahhh Brenda!☺️So appreciate the quote, photo and comment about a rainy day!!! ☺️Yesterday I returned from a long road trip to and from Brooklyn. Toward the end of the trip ( when I was the driver) the skies opened, making for a “cautious” drive. Today, safe and sound, the morning is overcast, waiting for a little more rain.
    I look at my flowers, grateful for the rain that sustained them while I was away. Your photograph was beautiful!
    Lemon oat muffins? Yum and I have never tried your “Thanksgiving” dish.
    Yes, I love rainy days to putter away in my house, curl up with a book, perhaps write a note to a friend.
    Thankyou for both the book and movie suggestions!!! Both sound wonderful!!!
    Always a gift to find your “new thoughts!” ~ especially on the return from a hard working trip!!!!!
    So many thx!!!! Hope you are able to figure out how to make a wise “platform” decision to continue blogging!!!!!!πŸ™πŸ™☺️

  8. Oh how I wish it was rainy and cool here in New England. We are experiencing such dreadful heat. It seems as if the whole summer has just been one heat wave after another.

  9. I enjoy a rainy day (especially if I am able to stay at home) and I never tire of Miss Potter! ~swoon~ I thought we owned the DVD but, alas, it was actually Kati's and she took it with her when she got married three years ago. The nerve! πŸ˜‰

  10. Well, that was a lovely post, Brenda. Rainy days can be good for the soul. You always sound so happy and fulfilled. I am happy FOR you! Take care, dear friend.

  11. I don't know why the previous comment came through as Anonymous. I certainly didn't put it that way. I do not mind my name being used.

  12. I can't believe you have Summer Rain (smiling)!
    OH, I hear you about limits of photos! And I do what you are going to do-- delete or download.
    I appreciate your style of writing and photographs. You challenge me to streach my skills.


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