Sunday, August 22, 2021

Weekend: A Garden Outing

" There is simply the rose; it is perfect
in every moment of its existence. "

It's cool and overcast, and it feels a bit autumn-y this Sunday afternoon. Thankfully we did not postpone a visit yesterday to a nearby city's botanic garden, St. Albert Botanic Park, where we wandered under warm and sunny blue skies. First of all, I cannot believe that we have not been to see this gem before. It appeared in a list when I did a google search for gardens here in our own province. Secondly, I was startled at how vivid and colourful the dahlias, roses, and cottage gardens are blooming even after our hot summer. Beautifully maintained, and obviously loved by its team of volunteers, this really is a place I shall want to visit again and again. Thankfully it's not too far away from where we live.

I'm sharing quite a few pictures on today's post, so whether you meander slowly or pass through quickly, I hope you enjoy this colourful feast for the soul.

We came home buoyed and felt we ought to celebrate with something nice for afternoon tea. There was no café there, and we're still a bit leery about hanging around in crowds, so upon our return home, while Rick quickly gave our lawns a hair-cut, I pulled out Jacques Pepin's simple recipe for French Apple Tart. Jacques says it's one of his family's staples, and it's quickly becoming ours as well.

While we finish up the apple tart for tea this afternoon (I'd share if I could), I hope you enjoy the photo tour... the pics in this post are from the garden we visited.

" Gardens will be the peaceful haven we all need. "

" All dahlias are beautiful in their own way! I love them
because they have the most perfect symmetry and
come in a rainbow of color options. "

Did I hear him whisper that I was his Prairie Rose? It might have
been in my imagination or the wind whispering in the leaves.

" Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty,
like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom. "

Preparations were underway for a wedding in the Rose Garden
on this beautiful summery afternoon. It cannot get anymore romantic
than that, don't you think?

" The magic of hydrangeas - nature's litmus papers! "

" When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy,
there is always the garden. "

" The man (or woman!) who has planted a garden feels
he has done something for the good of the whole world. "
from My Summer in a Garden

The many volunteers who maintain this garden certainly have outdone
themselves. I believe the words above say it for these folks—they have
truly created something lovely for the good of their city's citizens.
If you are interested in more info about the St. Albert Botanic Park,
you can click HERE.

Although it was all beautiful, I think the Cottage Garden was
my favourite spot. Give me a bench at the end of a
winding path, and I'll sit and 'just be' for a little while.

" Everyone needs beauty as well as bread,
places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength
to body and soul alike. "

* * *

We've been out enjoying our summer days, so that's why I have not been around here much.
Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.




  1. Brenda what a wonderful treat!It's a garden simply bursting with colour and scents I imagine. I wish my dahlias were doing as well as theirs.

  2. Gorgeous gardens! French Apple Tart sounds delicious!

  3. Stunningly beautiful photos and gardens! A true feast for the soul! I remember visiting there years ago, at the start of the project. There were lovely roses and a few other plantings. Now it is unrecognizable from those early days. Methinks it's high time for a return visit

  4. thanks for sharing our gardens are cactus blooms around here, so nice to see green and flowers!

  5. I love the MINNIE AUMONIER quote. I've used it several times. And I'm adding the last quote by John Muir to my quote book. You've given me so many good ones to add!

  6. Amazing beauty. Many of the areas remind me of the small yet lovely English Gardens in Winnipeg. Thanks for sharing all the flowers.

  7. What a lovely treat to wander through this garden with you, here as well as on FB. It's fun to find a new-to-you garden to explore. The pale pink creamy rose is my favourite, so dreamy and romantic. The quote by Minnie A. is true - time in a garden is healing to a battered mind and soul.
    Enjoy your outings. Our weather here has turned suddenly cool and it truly feels like summer is ending.

  8. What a beautiful botanical garden! We have a lovely one here in Naples Florida as well. When we travel we like to visit botanical gardens.

  9. What a lovely garden! I'm glad you went and shared the photos with us!

  10. Thank you for the taking us along your beautiful garden tour!

  11. what a stunning array of colourful flowers and the garden on the whole looks incredibly well tended, as you had said. I was born in St. Albert but have never been back although we've been to other parts of Saskatchewan. Thank you for sharing your visit -- perhaps one day I may get back to my birthplace and actually visit this stunning botanic garden.

  12. Brenda, your garden tour is beautiful. I am so happy to have traveled with you today. Truly, it was a delight for my weary eyes. Gardens bring such joy. If everyone only had a small patch of something, the world would be a little sweeter. So enjoyed the lovely quotes.

    May you see beauty and feel joy along your path!

  13. Thank you for this lovely tour and quotes. It was just what I needed today.
    My garden is so important to me. The power of working with soil, plants and nature is so very good for our wellness.
    I truly believe that.

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed my meander through your botanical garden photographs. How many acres is it? An abundance of beauty (including the human Prairie Rose posing in all her splendor). Love the John Muir quote at the end, too. Thank you for taking the time to share, Brenda.

  15. I am certain that you soaked up the time spent in these lovely gardens! Thank you for taking us along with you1 And I am going to try to find the apple tart recipe so that I can share that too. ;)

  16. Oh Brenda I just loved my tour of the botanical garden at St Albert. Like you the cottage garden is my favorite. Here in our woods most everything has quit blooming for the year. Perhaps I will plant a few mums for some fall color but we are winding down with the exception of morning glories which are winding everywhere :). Hope you have a great week and continue to enjoy the remaining summer. Hugs!

  17. St. Albert Botanic Park is just lovely, Brenda. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Oh, that would be a most delightful place to spend time. All the flowers are so perky and colorful. So glad you could go there! Have a delightful week, my dear Brenda. Susan


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