Friday, May 21, 2021

May Long Weekend

" You do not find the happy life.
You make it. "

Many of you have posted this week about what's blooming in your gardens - lilacs and irises, bleeding hearts and peonies, and even roses. I am so glad for these cheerful reports from your various corners of the world. For we have nothing so advanced to announce from our garden. Our perennials are still shaking off the remains of the snow dump we had a few days ago. The temperatures the last few nights have gone below freezing, and I am lamenting the fate of our fruit and ornamental trees just coming into blossom. Those tender petals.

Today, though, things are on the upward trend. The sun shines and it's warming up. We hope, with fingers crossed, that spring can re-commence and with that last gasp, winter will at last crawl away and hibernate.

Here in Canada, it's the start of the May Long Weekend, also known as Victoria Day weekend. The holiday that marked the old Queen's birthday now signals in our modern day the start of the summer and camping season. Although I cannot imagine going camping when the night temperatures are still hovering near freezing. Thankfully, definitely NO camping for us. To Rick's chagrin, my idea of camping is a four-star hotel, while he dreams of sitting by a lake with a fishing pole or a pair of bird-watching binoculars. It was in the fine print (wink) when we got married that I didn't do camping...or ironing. I guess he thought I was still worth marrying. In my defense I do iron on occasion, and more rarely, I have also gone camping with him, in a tent no less. 

Now, I do love day camping, that is to say, going out into nature and spending the day amongst the birds and bees and the flowers and the trees. This afternoon, we're off for a drive in the countryside with a packed picnic and a thermos of tea. The driver rarely announces a destination he has in mind, and I rarely mind not knowing where we'll end up—I love the serendipity of it all.

* * *

On a different note, I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and so I finally made a quick visit to the bookstore yesterday for something new to read. A woman joined me at the table where I was browsing. Masked and safely standing at the other end, she pointed to the cover of one novel saying she had just finished and really enjoyed 'that one'. It was Kate Quinn's 621-page new novel The Rose Codean historical novel about three female code breakers at Bletchley Park during WWII, a spy they must uncover after the war, the dashing Prince Philip of Greece, and the upcoming royal wedding. Looking no further, the book came home with me. I cannot wait to crack the cover. Maybe later today.

With that, I'm away to my weekend activities (I've got plans, too, to bake a Victoria Sponge tomorrow). What have you got planned? Whatever you are up to, I hope it's filled with pleasantries and small treats.

Wishing you beauty and heart's ease.

Heart Hugs,

Top Photo Credit: Elena Ferrer from Unsplash


  1. Tim has two siblings who live in Alberta and they are not very fond of my garden posts just about now. Take heart, soon your heat will catch up and overtake ours! We are going boating this weekend, which is sort of like camping. We are self-contained so I don't mind it too much, and the scenery can't be beat! Enjoy your meanders through the countryside with Rick and I do hope the sun shines mightily for you!

  2. Glad things are warming up for you. The day trips sound fun!

  3. Oh a picnic...hope that it was wonderful and that you packed your new book for reading time.

    We are slipping back to a coolish week and I am really looking forward to it.

  4. Day camping trips are so enjoyable . Hope your weekend is special. If the weather cooperates , I plan on a day outing for photograph on Sunday.

  5. No ironing? I LOVE ironing. 😃 But I agree, best to get those things out there before you say I Do. Your book sounds interesting! I’ll await your review. Have a lovely May Long with your Victoria cake and picnics in the countryside. We are delivering a handmade gift to a special birthday girl. ☺️💕

  6. How fun to have an enthusiastic book recommendation from a stranger! I hope it's a good read. Maybe you'll let us know when you've completed it? A drive with a dear companion, an unknown destination, and a picnic lunch . . . that trumps camping any time in my opinion!

  7. We took our drive yesterday to a nearby reservoir and enjoyed our red cliffs-need to get out of the house now and then especially with the temps heating up but the spring winds are ferocious..

  8. Thanks for your always interesting post Brenda. Enjoy your trip to destinations unknown. I'm with you, a four star, even a five star hotel, if there are such places is my ideal for a great vacation, of course with sandy beaches nearby. I do hope flowers burst forth for you soon.

  9. I love Victoria Sponge! Our strawberry season has ended already but I would be willing to make allowances and eat the cake without. I've had The Rose Code on my TBR for a couple of weeks, can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  10. My sister-in-law lives in Calgary. She says May is the month when it may snow, it may rain or it may be sunny. May long weekend usually marks the beginning of cottage and camping season. Our sibling all have cottages or Rv’s. We used to camp but I don’t enjoy it now. A good book and a sunny day in the garden is fine with me!

  11. Wow Brenda I sympathize with you. It seems like your spring has been very illusive. Hope you are on the upswing now. Camping is not my idea of fun either. Yes give me that four star motel any time.😊 Have a great day. Hugs!

  12. Happy Victoria Day, Brenda! We're still under stay-at-home-orders so I just puttered around my place over the long weekend.

    I'm totally with you on the camping thing. I would consider "glamping"...I'm not fussy about lodgings, but I need my indoor plumbing!

  13. I grew up camping and if I were to go camping these days it would be glamping all the way! Your day camping sounds fun, and I think I would enjoy it very much.


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