Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday: Living the Dream

Hannah Wei /


I love to enjoy a companionable visit over coffee with a good friend. Sharing those threads from our daily experiences add such colour, richness, and depth to the tapestry we call our life.

"Coffee and friends make the perfect blend."


It only takes a sprig or two of fresh flowers on the dining room table to make me think happy thoughts. Nestled against the reddish purple wax flowers, these fragrant freesias have filled the dining room with sweetness for days now -- I take a delightful sniff every time I walk past. 


I stand at my window to watch the sun stain the morning sky in pretty peaches. Isn't it what everyone mentions in those ever popular books that talk about how to live closer to our dream life? So, why do we need to remind ourselves that taking time to watch a sunrise or sunset IS part of living the dream? Just 30 or 60 seconds of my time can change how I feel about my whole day.

“If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.”
~ Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horses

We can only appreciate the miracles of a sunrise
if we have waited in the darkness
~ Unknown

jonasvincentbe /


There is something almost dream-like about playing with one's kitty cat. A cat certainly knows how to live in the present moment and relax into it. Whether she's chasing a fuzzy ball around the room or batting those little pipe cleaner rings under the stove; whether she's snoozing on the bed where the sun has left her a sunbeam or playing patty-cake with her soft paws against your hand ... I have often come away feeling so happy for this furry gift of love.

RhondaK /


Colour makes me feel alive and I rejoice that my eyes see the wild beauty of colour portrayed everywhere in my world. I take a wild pleasure in noticing how colours play with each other in paintings and jewelry and fashion ... on teacups and dishes ... in bouquets and gardens and sunsets. On book covers and greeting cards and postage stamps.  I just love all the colours in that picture above; somehow I feel completely satisfied when I see it.   


Today, a fellow blogging friend, Joy, wrote a delightful post in which she offers her thoughts on living the dream. You'll find it here ... by the way, it's where the idea for this post came.

As I think about it, yes, I am living the dream ... are you?

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places,


Joining Amy at Five on Friday


  1. Love this, Brenda. And your photo of the peachy sunrise ... It took me a long time to realize it was your neighbour's rooftop! It seemed like some ethereal beach somewhere. Wow.

  2. White freesias are one of my favourite cut flowers because of the wonderful sweet peppery scent, I never buy any other colour. Joy's article and your own on 'living the dream' are inspiring, and a good response instead of "I'm fine".

  3. Wonderful photos. Love the sunrise. I admit I don't see many of them any more since I stopped working but I love seeing sunsets. They just make me smile and feel good. It's almost magical how the colours change. We spent several nights last year when we were camping just enjoying the sunsets. So romantic.
    Thanks for sharing your Five on Friday!

  4. Brenda, your posts always put a smile on my face. You remind us of the beauty that surrounds us, and how wonderful God's creation is. Thanks again.

  5. Freesias are such wonderfully fragrant flowers. And they last a long time, too. Sunrises and sunsets are quite close together these days, but getting further apart all the time. I love looking out the window in the morning and seeing the color in the sky. Have a wonderful weekend, Brenda.

  6. Freesias were the first flowers that my husband gave me, so very special. Retirement is all about living the dream. Just having the time to stop, look and enjoy. Have a great weekend. B x

  7. I love colour too, I'm always seeking it out. So, I really enjoyed all your colourful photos.🙂

  8. Beautiful post. I love color, too ... my orange "dreamsicle" kitchen is a good example. Ha! Having kitties is the best -- especially my four. I have some freesia bulbs I must get into the pots on the balcony. So much to make one happy and grateful -- starting with just getting up in the morning. Did I say I love your post????!!!!!

  9. I always use to enjoy the design made on the coffee. Enjoyed seeing all your pictures:)

  10. Such a beautiful and uplifting post. I am blessed in so many ways so yes I am living the dream.

  11. You have the most beautiful blog! This is an amazing reminder for us to be aware of the dream we have around us. xo

  12. Dear Brenda - love your delightful five and your well written thoughts. Thank you for making me appreciate what is certainly happiness at its best. Have a lovely weekend. Going to go check out Joy's post now. Hugs!

  13. Enjoyed your post. I, too, wrote about happy moments this week. The cat photo is my favorite. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  14. I really loved reading this too! It's a good way to count our blessings. I definitely know that I am living my dream and blessed. I'll check out the post you mentioned. Hugs, Diane

  15. Lovely happy moments to remind us all to be happy!

  16. I'm living the dream, but I worked hard to get to that point, and sometimes I have to remind myself. Very pretty and thought-provoking post.


  17. Thank you for the inspiring post, Brenda. Now I'm off to read Joy's blog...

  18. I can always count on a gentle and beautiful read when I visit here, Brenda. Thank you for providing that again this evening. Yes, living the dream as I am grateful for His gifts!

  19. When we lived in France people referred to it as 'living the dream'. In a way it was as we had always dreamt of a cottage in France. But the reality is that wherever you are can be a 'dream'. You just have to make it so.


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