Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's All A-Dangle

Sometimes a funny streak hits me where I just feel like being a little silly. Today is such a day. Not so long ago, I read an article where the author started explaining that big grammar no-no of dangling participles and modifiers.

Don't ask me why, but that started a daydream about other dangling objects. Here are a few things that came to mind:

1. Earrings
2. Catkins in the springtime
3. Projects that didn't get done

4. Unfinished sentences
5. Wilted celery sticks
6. Bird feeders hung from tree branches

7. The brass chain pull on a table lamp
8. Kitty's tail over the side of the couch
9. Legs dangling from the pier at the lake

10. Outstanding promises
11. Toilet paper caught on the bottom of a shoe
12. Carrots on sticks

13. Cuckoo clock weights on chains
14. Charms on bracelets
15. Spiders spinning webs

 16. While you're waiting for an unforthcoming answer
17. Grapes from a vine
 18. Keys on a hook
19. Kisses that miss cheeks

So, what dangling things come to your mind?

Sending hugs,

PS.  Click here to find out the story
of that mismatched pair of earrings in the photo above.


  1. I have beautifully tuned chimes dangling from a tree in my garden which play a soft tune in the breeze.

  2. I think if the bells around the goats' necks... they make me aware of where they are and are gentle and sweet in their clinging... a tie to the past and sense of home...

  3. how fun, how about promised not kept, forgiveness not given, etc.

  4. What a creative mind you have!

  5. Funny post!
    I thought about the last drip on the faucet, just ready to let go.

  6. Hopes not yet come to fruition dangle and tantalize.

  7. ...a joke without a punchline....a leash without a dog....cherry on a stem...loose button hanging by a thread....

  8. a friendship left dangling . . . ? So sorry I've been remiss in visiting you lately, dear friend! I will try and catch up with you and your posts! Have missed visiting with you. xo Deborah

  9. Glad to be back, and to a challenge no less! An unanswered proposal...


  10. Paul Simon's Dangling Conversation? One of my favorites.

  11. I love the story of the mismatched earrings. I do believe we see what we expect to see. Rather than be embarrassed at our little mishaps, laughing is better. Sometimes I get my greatest laughs at myself.

  12. I remember when telephone cords use to dangle. What a bit of fun and whimsy, Brenda! Thanks for the smile.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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