Sunday, November 02, 2014

Simply Sunday: God's Love

I'm pleased to welcome my long-time friend, Ruth, as she shares a poem she's written about God's love.
There are times in our lives when we don't feel that God is near, but as Ruth shares, it's coming to that place where we know He is near even when we don't sense the warmth of his presence. After all, He did promise that He'd never leave us. I pray these words by Ruth will warm your heart today.
Sending you hugs,
Brenda xox

By Ruth Sakstad

The bright sun shines down on my skin

Like the love of God shines down into my heart

The bright sun warms my skin

Like the love of God warms my heart

Yet not every day is sunny

Like not every day do I feel the love of God

But even on gloomy days

I know the sun still reigns in the sky

So to, on days when I don’t feel the love of God

I know that He is still there

So I need not dread the gloomy days

The sun will shine forth again

So to, will I feel the love of God again

The bright sun shines down on my skin

Like the love of God shines down into my heart 

Ruth Sakstad enjoys writing poetry. She is currently working on a volume which will include both her poetry and photography. She wants to capture a glimpse of the world for each day of the year as the seasons change. The poem shared here today will be included in the volume.


  1. The words touched my soul and fell in line with my feelings today. Thank you for your beautiful posts. A kindred spirit indeed!

  2. Ruth, your lovely poem makes me think of that old hymn, Sunshine in My Soul. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful! thank-you Brenda and Ruth for bringing a little sunshine and God to everyone who reads this.

  4. How beautiful! This warmed a cold (24 degrees overnight) autumn day

  5. Thanks Brenda, we all need a reminder sometimes. Thanks, also, to your friend for that lovely poem, yet another reminder.

  6. Good reminder to us; just as the sun is still there above the clouds, so is our God there even if we don't "feel" Him. Best to Ruth with her book plans.

  7. Oh Brenda - Ruth's poem/writing is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can purchase her book when it gets published. Looks like my kind of reading. Have a gorgeous week.


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