Monday, February 18, 2013




No mood or heart for blogging these days.
(as you can tell from lack of postings.)

Say a prayer if your heart feels a tug
Just not myself at present-- things are well, but not well,
(if that makes sense).
I'm not sad or depressed but something is not flowing here.

So I'm doing my thing of gathering my resources
and turning inward where He dwells
to be quiet with Him until my heart feels alive
and well and aware of what my life is about this time
in my life.

I still much enjoy catching glimpses of heaven in unexpected places
every single day ~ many times a day ~ 
but I don't feel like writing about them at present.

Hugs and love to you all...
with a gentle kiss atop thy head.



  1. Nice to see a post from you Brenda. I find that the blogging desire waxes and wanes and it's best to go with the flow. I know the feeling, too, of things being not quite right.
    For me, it's as if there's something just out of reach that I can't grasp and don't even know what it is. But I trust, that in God's good time, all will be revealed - for me, and for you. It's the waiting and sorting out of feelings and expectations that can be so difficult. I'm reminded how many times we are asked to wait on the Lord. Surely waiting well is a lesson to learn that brings valuable additions to our character.

    Wishing you beauty along with the waiting.

  2. I said a little prayer and hope you are feeling better. I'm sure things will clear up soon.

  3. You are looking a little introspective of late. And DA didn't help one little bit, I know. Have said a little prayer...sounds as if some direction would be helpful. You're only becalmed...don't worry...the breeze will blow again.

  4. A wee prayer pressed on top of your head, too, Brenda. Take care and take time.


  5. Yin/yang-life goes up and down-I find writing about it in my private journal helps to discover me again...

  6. I think it's good to just be comfortable knowing that this is the natural rhythm of things, Brenda. I wish you peace and replenishment in your time of quietitude. The seeds are there and given some quiet nurturing, they will sprout and grow.

    Sending you, prayers and hugs...

  7. i think this is the 'i'm tired of winter' blues!! we've had a taste of snow, cold, wind and now we have to let time pass until we are blessed with the new beginnings of spring! i think i'm listening to the same 'blues' song as you, brenda ... not sick, not depressed, just kinda 'dull'... 'this, too, shall pass.'
    i have busied myself knitting my prayer shawls/baby blankets of which i continue to receive many blessings of gratitude. and i just signed up for a 20-week History of the Catholic Church course... i hope to meet some new friends and learn a great deal!! and it should lead to some interesting discussions of the Pope's resignation and conclave to elect a new Pope!!
    keep the faith, brenda!!
    ^)^ linda
    now, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'??!!!

  8. Oh yes, I understand these feelings and I have had many of them of late. But I think with me, I [unlike you] feel a bit depressed at times and I don't always know why. I sometimes loose the vision of the excitement of life--but perhaps it has more to do with the suffering I see some of my friends and family going through. I always need little reminders on a daily basis and a refocusing of my thoughts.

  9. Am sure He will enjoy your visits as you sort out your way. Am glad you are still enjoying glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. Maybe you'll feel like sharing later....or maybe they were meant just for you to enjoy ....with no pressure of writing about them. praying.

  10. When I am feeling too scattered and drained I also pull back and inward. The phrase from the Bible often comes to me, "strengthen the things that remain." I doubt it was originally meant the way I use it, but it helps me. God bless you and nourish you!

  11. Thank you SO much, dear friends, for your very kind and caring words.
    It was lovely to hear from each of you.

    Vee -- I think it's partly as you've said, it's direction that I'm looking for... as it feels time for a new thing and I'm not sure how to go about it. Maybe I'm afraid to let go and start something new for the old is still good.

    Wishing you joy and grace for your own journeys today!


  12. Brenda,
    I hope your quiet-time is nurturing and renewing. Sometimes I wonder if this time of year has something to do with that 'heavy' feeling. I relate to your words...I'm writing but I really feel like the 'heart' is out of it:) and yet, i feel a distinct prompting that I'm not to stop...sigh(or is it my stubborn streak;)'it IS a beautiful life...that's what I whisper, thanks to you, when I'm feeling a little blue The feeling I have is more like anxiety, (kids, finances, marriage etc.) Just today I came across this verse Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down, but a good word makes it glad Prov.12:25 NASB You have sent so many good words my way to make me glad and I thank-you and send you hugs, love and prayers. We women understand.:) Be strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience. Col. 1:11

  13. I am sending you a hug and some purrs from the feline boys... I don't know you well enough to say more.. but I do care and wish you well. You are a special blogger as far as I am concerned. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  14. I can see why my "Weary" posting resonated with you Brenda. And from the comments above, it seems we're not alone. How privileged we are to know that how we feel never prevents our Lord from carrying on his good and perfect plan. We can rest and wait. Blessings.


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Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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