Friday, February 24, 2012

A Glimpse...Or A Flicker?

It's been snowing -- nothing serious but the world is white as I peek outside this morning. Birds are very active in the garden these days -- mostly Redpolls at the moment.

But then I heard a whistle and caught sight of our Northern Flicker. If he didn't look funny -- this larger bird trying to perch on a feeder meant for tiny finches. I did tell him he'd be much more comfortable sitting on the much larger feeder with the big tray, but he paid me no mind.

After doing a little reading up about this fellow, I realized he's from the woodpecker family, so no wonder he was loves to hang upside down too.

I'm wishing you your own glimpses...and flickers of beauty today.



  1. Thanks for this reminder to look for the flickers of beauty in each day. They are there, but sometimes I neglect to be attentive and miss them.

    It's raining hard here, I think I'd prefer a bit of snow. But instead I'll cozy up and enjoy the rain.

  2. birds are fun to might want to take off your word recognition-go to settings/comments then unclick word recognition but leave on no anonymous comments as spammers like to get in there. thanks-

  3. He's so colorful. Little flickers are beauty keep us going. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I'm still trying to coax the birds to eat out of the feeders. Being the new one on the block, it might take awhile before I see a Flicker.

  5. We don't see birds such as these. And we don't feed them because of the many cats, crows, and squirrels, but I'd love to. My parents always did and it was fun to watch the birds.

    He is quite a handsome fellow hanging upside down like that.

  6. What a beautiful bird, and not one we see over here.

  7. It's always lovely to hear and see birds around the garden. I guess they are easier to see and hear when there's some snow. It never snows where we live.


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