Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitty Stuff

Cats' hearing apparatus is built to allow
the human voice to easily go in one ear and out the other.
~ Stephen Baker

This quote reminds me of a little story from years ago. It was shortly after I met Rick and it was the first time at his house. It was a warm autumn day, and we were sitting in his sunny living room, when he decided to call his tabby, Roxy, back into the house; she'd been out exploring in the front yard, and Rick was concerned that she'd been after some songbirds earlier.

At the sound of Rick's voice, she turned and meandered up the sidewalk toward the front door. Wow, I thought! She's pretty obedient (for a cat). So we stood at the front entrance waiting for her to come. Just as she reaches the front door, without missing a beat, she waltzes past, tail in the air, and quite deliberately flops in the flower bed and rolls in the warm dirt. Aha ... so much for that ... cats do have a mind of their own and they certainly use it!

Here's wishing you a purr-fectly fine day,


  1. Cats certainly do have a mind of their own don't they! Enjoy your day to the fullest!

  2. My cat looks just like her!!

  3. As one of those "Guys With All the Cats" the engineer speaks of, I enjoyed all the videos!

  4. Almost human aren't they and so warm to cuddle with.....:-) Hugs

  5. I did not realize how human cats can appear to be. I enjoyed reading this post and learning new cat facts. Really liked the video.

  6. I had to show my husband these videos! How hilarious.

  7. I've rescued cats for over 40 years now...!!!

    The cat on the girl's head is just amazing. Looks so relaxed up there...crazy!


    That goes for my Dog too.
    Just stopped in to take a peek.


  9. Three great videos Brenda - that's why I love cats so much. A x

  10. would be dull without them! Funny videos :)

  11. We just watched these videos -- the last one is a hoot!! We especially like the corporal cuddling ... we do that with Sassy frequently! We'll now have to try the yodelling. From Janet & Becca


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