Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Autumn Favourites

Long before e-mail and definitely before blogging days, a former penpal and I began a little tradition where we would create small lists of our favourite things and tuck them at the end of our letters.

The theme was usually in keeping with the particular season we were in, and it was a fun way to get to know each other. Now many bloggers follow a similar tradition often creating their own lists of favourite seasons, books, movies, foods, traditions, holiday memories, etc. to share with their readers. It's still a fun way to get know new friends.

Today, I'm delighted to offer a few of my Autumn favourites. I hope they remind you of a few of your own...
  • The combinations of colour, especially when there are brilliant oranges, yellows and reds mixed in with the dark greens of evergreens. It's such a satisfying combo.

  • The smell of burning leaves (this is very rare where I live now), but I still remember the acrid smell from my childhood, as stubble fields were burned.

  • The feeling of new beginnings as another school year gets under.

  • The earlier darkening days. As the day draws in a little sooner each evening, it makes me draw nearer to my own hearth and home. It feels cozy and safe.

  • Apples:  apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, caramel apples, apple sauce, apple strudel

  • Crunchy piles of leaves

  • Walks in woodsy areas. I never used to like how the bare tree branches made me feel -- too stark and naked. But I've grown to truly love the clean simplicity of bare branches against autumn blue skies. Now, I get the feeling of openness and space, rather than nakedness.

  • Crisp air and frosty mornings.

  • Brilliant red sunrises and even bolder sunsets

  • Harvest moons

  • Reading books and stories set in the autumn, eg. September by Rosamunde Pilcher

Wishing you glimpses of autumn richness wherever you go today!



  1. two in your list struck me...new beginnings as school starts also brings for us new residents as the snowbirds-retirees who live somewhere else return and activities pick up and naked tree silohuettes-so beautiful. thanks for a thought provoking post.

  2. I don't know Joy, but I am glad I had the privilege of reading these new things about you. It seems to me that you like the Fall season as much as I do. You caused me to stop and think about things as I read down over your list. I liked this post!

  3. It felt so good to feast my tired soul on your post this afternoon.
    I love Autum. It has a softness to it. Odd with the brilliant colors that usher it in, I know... The decorations of the fall season are so vibrant...but, the noise of children playing in their yards has faded to a murmer, all sounds seem to be being played with a soft pedal... even the creek winds through the property without the eager, rushing song of early spring runoff, and it now whispers it's message.

    The lawn mower has been stored, the barbecue and patio furniture are laid to rest under tarps and the activities of summer come to a close. We fondly remember the brightness of the summer sun, and find great pleasure in basking in the filtered rays of October as they weave their way through the tree banches and cast a golden glow on the landscape..

    Life calms down, and a quiet, a peaceful reverence caresses our land. I relish every moment of it.

    All of that and a cup of freshly sharpened pencils, a glass of cold, fresh apple juice, and having a little more time in the evening to cuddle on the couch with my sweetheart make autumn my absolute favorite time of year.

    I'm going to check in on weeks of past posting on your site... but may only comment on a few. I have missed reading your tender words.

  4. I haven't been taking the time to respond to all my commenters recently; I find myself pressed for time sometimes....... or is it that time's pressing ME??

    But thank you, one and all, for keeping me happy by letting me know you've been to visit. I love seeing your faces/graphics popping up at me when I sign in.

    Lin -- interesting about the snowbirds, because of course many of those said 'birds' migrate from our northerly country. I know quite a few people who travel southward this time of year. I like winter enough not to feel the urge to pull up roots, but I can appreciate those who like it a wee bit warmer.

    Judy, I actually connected with Joy after all these years. The e-mail I 'found' on google matched. She was pretty excited to hear from you, as she had just thought of me the day before. Isn't that intersting!

    Caryn, you bless me soul. I've been a'missing you!! How wonderful to hear from you. I love your image of those freshly sharpened pencils!

  5. Great list! I agree with all of them. We are blessed.

  6. You've inspired me to start something like this on my blog ~ There are so many things to be grateful for ~ thank you God!!

    What a beautiful tribute to your friend. There's a magnet I recently received from one of my closest friends... it features this quote:

    "Good friends are like stars ~ you can't always see them ~ but you always know they are there."

    Have a blessed Sunday!


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