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Friday, April 07, 2023

From Last April: Cup Our Hands, Open Our Hands, Scatter Love

"Always believe something
wonderful is about to happen."

Do you believe in divine nudges?

For several days I've been wondering what to share this weekend. Nothing really settled. Leafing through my blog archives, I wondered if something I'd written earlier would resonate, maybe be worth a revisit. It was on my mind when I woke in the wee hours last night. Trying to get back to sleep, I reached for a book on my bedside table - my copy of Common Prayer, A Liturgy for Common Radicals, hoping for something to soothe and settle my mind.

I flipped it open - a pencil star in the margin caught my eye. Reading the marked passage, I was startled to see it was the same quote I'd used in the archived post I read earlier. It felt like a nudge in my heart. A whisper from the Divine? Of all the pages I could have opened to in the book, it could have been pure chance, but perhaps it wasn't. For I do believe in Divine nudges. And so, in response, I invite you to revisit the post I wrote on another sleepless night. It's titled Cup Our Hands, Open Our Hands, Scatter Love. Hope you enjoy.

* * *

A note about Spring on this Easter Weekend. Our snow is nearly melted. Although there are still a few snow piles around, today I noticed tiny green nubs of crocuses pushing up beneath the oak tree. At last! A joyful sighting, indeed! Time to jostle our senses and startle our wonderment at being alive.
To those who celebrate Easter this weekend, I wish you peace and joy as we remember the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. To us all, love one another, pray for each other, celebrate life together.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

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  1. Dear Brenda,
    I remember this post from last year and find it just as lovely for re-reading it once again. Transforming the sad and ugly of this world into love does take work, and thankfully we have God's Spirit to help us along the way. May your Easter day be filled with joy!

  2. It was very good to reread your earlier April post, Brenda. For me it's that time after a 2 a.m. bathroom visit. And yes, I believe in divine nudges too and am glad you received one!

  3. Oh Brenda, I just cherish this post of yours today. I wish I could get a HUGE divine push. Loved this post plus the cupping hands one. Both are so beautifully written and are filled with bits of wisdom. Thank you SO MUCH! I will do my best to send bits of kindness out into the world today. I will beg the Lord to remove the dark shadows from my heart and thoughts as I trudge through life as it is right now. The sun must come through!


To My Beautiful Readers,

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

Thank you so much for leaving your 'footprint' here in my comment box. I do appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts today.

Brenda xo