Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reflection, Daydreaming, and Blog Updates


These days between Christmas and New Year's have always been a time which I love. You too?

Between the festive social gatherings, I love having the time when things are slower and I can turn inward for quiet contemplation and reflection ... thinking about the past year, maybe putting some order to some events, letting go regrets for unfinished projects, and anticipating what we might endeavour in the new year.

Resolutions or Not. I don't make resolutions and haven't done for years now. I noted that Deborah at The Beautiful Matters made mention in her recent post that the very word 'resolution' grates on one's teeth. I agree. I suppose because it has so much negative emotion -- like anxiety and disappointment -- tied to the word (poor thing) that we have grown to dislike how it sounds when we speak it. She recommends using kinder, gentler words to replace it -- like creative endeavors, dreams, ideas.
Daydreaming Instead. Oh yes, I do like to daydream about what I might pursue for the coming year -- projects for my hands, intentions for my heart, how I want to experience my days, plus those tiny steps towards helping my dear body to feel more vibrant and physically well. To create routines that will create a sense of well being in every area of my life.


Elizabeth Gilbert offers a lovely idea. Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love) recently shared something on Facebook that I thought was lovely. Each year around this time, she sits down with a bunch of magazines, some glue, and an hour of free time to browse through the pages and cut out things -- pictures and words, colors and textures that help describe and show how she would like the next year of her life to feel like.

It's not a vision board per se; it's not about calling in things or goals or dreams. It's more about how she wants to FEEL than about what she wants to ACHIEVE. She goes on to say:

"Mostly, it's just about colors and images that appeal to me for reasons that I do not over think. I just start cutting and then I start gluing, and I trust the process. When it's over, I have my visual/emotional wish for the New Year. I love collage. Collage is the gift that God gave to those of us who cannot draw. You can make a pretty thing without, you know, actually having the ability to make a pretty thing."


Now I'm dreaming about a new blog look for 2015. Elizabeth Gilbert's idea became the springboard to discover what I wanted for a new look for my blog in the new year. With Christmas nearly done for most of us -- the beautiful decorations that felt so festive and cozy, which Snowflake and I both loved all through December, suddenly seem dated and worn. Time for a new look.

As for my blog look, I often waver between thinking I should finally settle on a certain style and feel and just stick with it. But, I confess, I cannot. It's not possible. I've got too many styles and colours I delight in to happily stay with one theme or style. That's why it changes. Sometimes I feel whimsical and want a more playful theme; other times I like something bold and bright like my aquas and blues. And, then there are seasons when I like it simple and un-fussy, or the vintage Victorian/Edwardian feeling which is always my first love.

Before I started my search, I thought I would keep a winter theme, using blues and whites and snowy effects. That was until I started to gather this and that, and I soon realized I didn't want to go that way at all.  Even though I love winter. As you can see....

My eyes kept gravitating towards floral, vintage, and soft. Which is where this blog started in the very beginning back in the summer of 2008. I love, love, love returning to this softer, prettier look and feel. For many of you, you'll know I mean the feeling and sense we relished in those early Victoria magazines with all their gentle beauty, grace, and charm.

What fun I had today! I spent a few happy hours going through my blogging resources, selecting only those pictures and graphics that made me feel happy and pretty when I looked at them. For inquiring minds, the collage above, as well as the header, were designed using the photo editor PicMonkey.com.

On that note, I best go and find the rest of my life. I think the sun was shining when I started and now I see those pale pink clouds in the fading sky. Wishing you all a delightful day. I may get a chance to post tomorrow, the last day of this old year.  In case not, I'm wishing you a very Happy New Year too!


Note: Except for Miss Kitty in the middle of the collage, the photos and graphics are courtesy of blogs like The Graphics Fairy, Vintage Catnip, Glitter-Graphics, Antique Images, Antique Clipart, Victorian Trading Co., and Morguefile.com.


  1. Brenda,beautiful images, beautiful lady! Happy 2015!

  2. I love coming over here to see what's new. thank-you SO much for being you;) God bless you in 2015. and I also LOVE the new header!

  3. I love the pretty and inspiring atmosphere on your blog, Brenda! All the best to you in the New Year!

  4. What a lovely post, Brenda! I enjoy this quiet, reflective time, too, as the year comes to a close. It's fun to think about all of the possibilities that lie ahead in the New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2015 ! ♡

  5. It's fun to come here and see a fresh look! Not that there was anything wrong with the old look, mind you. It's just that little changes are refreshing.

    The best to you in the New Year, friend!

  6. Very pretty new 'look' Brenda! I am a fan of Victoria Magazine from the very first issue :) I love the idea of making the collage to give the New Year some focus and direction. I have been thinking of what that direction should be....Wishing you a Happy New Year, Dear Friend! xo Hugs - Karen

  7. What a lovely fresh look when I opened your blog. This year, the week between Christmas and New Year's has not been quiet for us, although there have been quiet moments. Instead, we've been visiting with loved ones here and there. Tomorrow we head home and I'm looking forward to settling back into real life with lovely memories to cherish. There will be some redecorating going on around my place, too - I didn't even get a Christmas header up this year.
    Love the idea of a collage of what's appealing for the coming year. Intentions, dreams, plans are filling my mind during our driving hours - a fresh new year full of days to fill! Happy New Year, dear Brenda, wishing you joy throughout the year.

  8. I also enjoy decorating my blog (although I have no idea how to make it gorgeous like yours!) but it is definitely pleasant to change the style of your own blog! I like soft textures and colors too and your blog really looks amazing! I wish you a happy new year :) !

  9. Hi Brenda,
    I do love this quiet time of year "in between", too.
    Happy, happy creative, joy-filled new year!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  10. I love the new look of your blog and the clever idea of cutting out things from magazines to reflect the mood for the year. I am terrible with swapping things around on my blog but I suppose I get a little restless sometimes. The quiet "in between" time has been very welcome this year after slipping on the ice, so I have been sitting down and catching up on so much blog reading... perfect :-)

  11. I love the pretty images you've gathered together. I have a stack of magazines right here by my chair. I was going to glance through them once more before getting rid of them. I think I'll cut things out and glue then in a book. Sounds enlightening and fun. Happy New year sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  12. Beautiful images, so peaceful and lovely. The idea of an afternoon with a stack of magazines and a pot of glue sounds delightful!!
    Thanks for the mention, too, dear friend.


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