Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blogging Tip: No Time For A Comment?

This tip is for Blogger users


There have been times when I wished we had a LIKE button on our blogs the way we do on Facebook.

It turns out other bloggers share a similar sentiment. There have been various conversations going on in Blog Land. If you didn't see it, you might want to check out one great post on this very topic by Cheryl at Thinking about Home.

Of course we'd love to be able to visit all our friends and leave comments on all the wonderful posts we read, but sometimes we just can't spare the time... and occasionally we might not have anything to say at the moment. We all have off-line lives to lead.... and we don't want our husbands to be blog widows or our children wondering where their moms are...again.

Well, dear blogging girlfriends, I figured something out for those of us who use Blogger!

It's not perfect but I think we could make it work... until our creative gurus at Blogger figure out something like that for us ... please sirs and ma'ams ?
Here's how:
1. First, go back to the bottom of my blog post. On the left side you'll see a spot where you can click on the Like.... feel free to click it... just to see if it works... :)
2. In your dashboard -- go to Layout -- you'll see the big Blog Post box with a tiny edit in the corner --  click on edit -- now you'll see the list of choices of how you want your blog post to show up -- look for the choice Reactions -- select it --
3. When you click on it you have the ability to change that word as well as the words interesting, funny, cool to the words you want to to add. If you notice at the bottom of my blog post, I changed the word 'reactions' to 'Like'? Can't comment?' -- and I removed the words  'interesting, funny, cool' and replaced them with 'A click lets me know you stopped by'.
4. Now you also have the ability to move some of those selections around -- you could have the like button at the bottom or the top of your page, as you prefer.
5. Don't forget to SAVE the changes before exiting.
PS. Now Vee tells me that when she tried to do this, it didn't work for her, because she uses a classic template; so I guess this only works with layout templates.

As a reader, you now can indicate that you've stopped in. We won't know it's you, but it still gives us an idea that there are more people reading our posts than might have a notion to leave a comment.

So for those too-busy days, when it suits you, you can choose to click LIKE... just another way of leaving a wee footprint on someone's blog post.


  Post updated January 2015


  1. Oh, I DO like this idea!! In fact, I liked it so much, I zipped back to my dashboard too quick to talk about to add the "like" feature myself. So far, I haven't gotten it, but I'll keep fiddling with it until I figure it out. Thanks for your research (and for your input in the whole blogging/comment/time conversation)!

  2. Awesome!! I followed your instructions and it worked! I deleted the other options and just wrote "I liked this". This is worth passing on! :) I

  3. Brilliant! I'm going to do this!

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you are finding this a helpful hint. I am excited myself.

  5. Interesting. I have friends who read my blog, but are reluctant to leave a comment if they aren't bloggers. I'll give it a shot!

  6. Now, where are my needles and yarn???

  7. I was thrilled to try this too, but alas it did not work for least not yet. I use blogger templates/themes with layout, and I'm in the process of updating my blog. Tried this both my blog and my testing blog. Nada. Will keep trying. Hope I get it to's a great idea. Thanks!

    1. I found that I had to "revert widget template to default" I selected only the blog box widget and it worked like a charm. Thanks again.

  8. Just popped over from Debbie at 'View from Harmony Hills'
    I clicked on 'Like' on this post. I've set it up on my blog, now I'll just have to wait to see it works & if any one uses it ! thank you for the clear instructions, I'm not very clever on the laptop technical side of blogging. If it works I'll pass it on through a link to your post. I did enjoy reading some of your older posts.

  9. Appreciate this post. It was very helpful. Thanks


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