Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Projects....

Source: Brenda Leyland

Good Morning!  It's a beautiful sunny day here ... still cold. But I've noticed the resident chickadees are going ahead with Spring in spite of the cool temperatures. Some things just can't be postponed; they know it's time to get housekeeping set up. They've been very active and there seems to be an air of determined 'no nonsense' about their demeanor.

They inspire me to get busy with my own Spring projects. Indeed, it's time. So, what's on my project list this week?  

One.  To write one or more draft chapters for the memoir of my love story.

Two. A couple of years ago, I signed up for Jeff Goins' Tribe Writers Writing Course which I didn't actually take at the time (but the price was definitely right then). Once a person signs up, she is considered a lifetime member and has access to the course and all future updates. As Jeff is offering the course again to newcomers, I thought it might be the right time ... and fun to join the tribe of other writers and just get it done. So this week, I want to work on the first lesson or two. (It's an 8-week course but a person can take it at their own pace too.)

Three. I've got another creative project simmering on the back burner. It includes gathering old photos as well as memories of the season before my love story. This is more to do with the home I lived in and all the little adventures of creating a place that was comfortable and hospitable. How in these years I learned that it was possible, as a single woman, to create a life that was beautiful and happy. It might be part scrapbook, memoir, diary, photo album.... still dreamin' on it.

Four. Something to do with Spring Cleaning. In small segments. So we won't get overwhelmed (we wouldn't want that to happen). Did I mention it will be in small segments... it may be a cupboard, a closet, a drawer, a carpet, a wall, a shelf, a box.  I'm keepin' in mind Susan Branch's rule of thumb on this....Start slow & taper off... good advice!

On that note, I'm away to get started before my ooph up and leaves.
After all, you'll recall from past posts here and here,
I've been up since three this morning and working since four.

What are you up to this week?



  1. Sounds like a plan...all the very best with today's tasks.

  2. Brenda - this sounds like a wonderful plan - especially like the last one about the spring cleaning!!

  3. You go, Brenda! Your projects sound interesting and varied - a good mix of brain and brawn. I like Susan's advice, too.

  4. Hi Brenda. That's good you are writing down your "to do" list. This is a busy week for me. There's a dinner with guests planned, a movie, babysitting, open house, and meeting with social workers! Woo hoo Susan

  5. Something about spring cleaning excites me! I love to make things nice and neat, and I have been wanting to give the house a good cleaning, but I have to talk to my mother about that. ;) She has to help with the walls; they're '70s wood paneling. Ha!

  6. This weekend was filled to the max with workshops and the next weekend promises more of the same with time off to enjoy SPRING!

  7. Well, I'm impressed with all the energy that you have. But I don't understand why you need a class! I love the way you write! You have captivated me with your colorful words and great sense of humor. I think you could teach the class instead.
    The love story has got me curious and wanting to read it. Will it be available for a sneak peek?
    Well, here's to Spring...bring it on!

    (I'm still getting posts several posts all at once but I'm not complaining. Just wanted you to know.)

  8. You do have some energy! I am excited to be along for the ride as you write your love story...



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