Sunday, March 30, 2014

Something New...

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Sorry, if you arrived at this post from poking around in my archives, you'll find it is totally out of date. When it first went up, I was talking about new colour themes, header, and sidebar formatting. As the look is constantly evolving, this post doesn't make sense anymore.

Why not delete the post, you ask?

The blog experts say if I delete and you click on some old link still in the system and then get a 404 error code, I will agitate the good will of possible readers.

So, if you're wondering what I'm talking about below, that's my old post. I'm just saying!

We've been playing ... as you can see for yourself, we're still tweeking. Although we loved our mauve ribbon flower motif on our previous header, with Spring coming (some day soon yes please) we are longing for a breath of fresh air. And the sighting of something more sprightly and lighthearted here on this blog.

Sometimes I take myself too seriously...especially when I'm trying to write something more 'formally'. I can be quite mischievous in 'real' life when the muse hits which has been known to show up at the most interesting -- and inopportune -- of moments. So I'm hoping to translate that more into my writing. Finding the humour adds a lovely layer of beauty to our lives.

So, that's why you see that playful bag of cats in my sidebar today. Just for fun. Aren't kitty cats lovely? I love 'em. And so oft miss my sweet Miss Kitty, rest her furry self.

Here's to something fresh and lovely..... and may you find that breath of new life blowing in through the open windows of your spring-longing soul. You've thrown open the sash, haven't you?
Wishing you a beautiful day with a generous dash o' fun.



  1. Love the kitties in the shopping bag! As the old adage goes, a change is as good as a rest, so we'll take your new look as a harbinger of the spring to come :)

  2. Love, love, love the new look, Brenda! It's so pretty! :)


  3. It's so fresh and pretty - a foretaste of what's to come weatherwise.

  4. You're right, a new look is refreshing! and while we are awaiting warmer sunshiny days we may as well experiment with our blogs.

  5. Spring is soon over here and we head to 80 degrees and summer too!

  6. I think the entire northern hemisphere is waiting for spring!!!


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