Monday, March 17, 2014

Green-Themed Day

Well, I spent a good part of this green-themed day being aware of how my day was unfolding, knowing full well I had bound myself to come here and muse 'aloud' as to what one thing had really come alive for me in some way.

Oh my...I had all sorts of goodness happening around me.

But I knew I was set for the day when I popped over to Susan Branch's new posting this morning. All edged in green in honour of St. Patrick's Day, it was filled with all manner of whimsy and lovely things to read and listen to.

For me, the most fun was catching glimpses of her kitty cat, Jack.

She wanted to take pics of him and his green eyes for the post, but he had his own ideas about that. Then later, he came back and plopped his furry self right atop the papers Susan wanted to show her readers. And then suddenly he's tearing 'out of the room and up the back stairs. Like a nut.' Too funny. You might want to read for yourself here.

Of course, what made it dear to me was that his antics reminded me so much of my own Mr. Furry Sullivan (he was part of my life before blogging).  He used do the same thing, lay right where you were reading and then look up at you and say in a loud purr, you weren't reading that, were you?

You aren't going to believe how many other posts I started before I settled on this one. You see, there were so many possibilities. But at the end of the day, it was Susan and Jack who gave me beauty, mirth, and furry fun. For that I'm grateful.

So, to end this green-themed day, I've provided a video that plays a lovely bit of music in keeping with Irish thoughts. I think it's a lovely way to wind down at the end of another day. You can let it play as you brush your teeth or put your feet up for a nice read.

Happy Green Day!



  1. That was very nice...Susan always does a beautiful job of creating a little getaway, like meeting with a friend for coffee or tea. I have see some John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, but not this one. It looks very charming. (Hope she doesn't get slapped.)

  2. I'm listening to the music as I type. Lilting and lovely. I also enjoyed Susan's post.
    As I drifted off to sleep last night I thought about your post and what would be my one thing for yesterday. I settled on my walk along the shore. It set the tone for a great day to follow.


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