Sunday, March 09, 2014

Dreamin' Stage...

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Every dream begins with a dreamer ~ Susan Branch

It's like Spring around here today. And my heart is so happy about it. Blue skies with frilly clouds floating past my study window. Sunshine making the snow melt to beat the band. And the neighbour's black and white Sylvester kitty cat enjoying his leisurely sniff and stroll atop the fence behind our house. (That reminds me, Christine, you once asked about Orange Kitten; her family moved away and I assume she moved with them. She was such a little sweetheart, that kitty). 

Add to that, a large teacup of lemon ginger tea with two homemade gingersnaps waiting on the little tray beside me... and you'll understand that Life. Feels. Pretty. Wonderful. Today.

We fervently hope that those long cold days of 'no sign of spring' will soon be a distant memory of Winter 2014. And we can start colouring in the calendar with different scenes. Like opening windows wide and letting in those fresh spring breezes. Bouquets of tulips on the table. The sounds of robins whistling from chimney stacks. And, yes, even the roar of the first lawn mower starting off the season of getting that grass cut. It's. All. Welcome.

We're writing.  Yes, we are.  But as you will note, it's not here on my blog at present. Which I am sorry about. But I'll get the rhythm back for that one day soon.

You see, I've been mulling and mooning over a book I've started. It began when I took that memoir class back in the fall. As I struggled to get it out on e-paper (with much pencil chewing and erasing), I realized that having a good seed idea is a long way from having it ready to blossom out onto the paper screen.

There's a whole lot of dreamin' and growing needed between times. And that, my beautiful friends, is a lot of what I've been doing these past weeks. (And, yes we still haul ourselves out of bed in the wee small hours to clean at our local performing arts center). So in truth, the cold days of winter were 'hardly' noticed as I mooned around wondering where to start, what memories to select, deciding the focus and pinning down that one teeny tiny slice of life upon which everything else will hinge and unfold......

Oh yes, and another thing that kept turning up to stall things is that defiant regiment I call 'The French Resistance' .... every sort and type of resistance of limiting beliefs and fears that could ever grow inside one's head and heart to stop one from moving forward. It all started showing up. So you'll understand that we've had to begin a fierce weeding regime to work through all that ole nonsense too.

The story I'm writing... did I hear someone asking about it?  It's a love story... my love story.

I don't know if I ever told you that I was single a long time before I ever met and married my wonderful husband. And it's been stirring in my heart for a while now to share that story... of a young woman's longing for love and marriage, the journey of discovery that one can live a beautiful and fulfilling life as a single person. Dealing with the angst of marrying the wrong person. And, discovering that loving the Lord Jesus truly opens the way to love one's self as He loves her.

Which then makes having a relationship with that Very Special Someone begin to look, feel and taste so much more like 'heaven on earth' (than that other place).

It's also about waiting for God's timing and trusting for the right ending, believing that no good thing will he withhold from those who trust him. As my dear sister once mentioned to me in the beginning stages of this love story, the rose that gets picked too soon won't bloom. Meaning, of course, if you push for a relationship...plucking its tender petals too early will cause it to die and wither rather than come into its full and fragrant bloom.

Of late, I'm being inspired by Susan Branch. She is a delight. She's creative, generous, funny...and has a gift for encouraging her readers to follow their dreams.  The ones, I believe, God places within our hearts. You may recall that Rick gave me Susan's book A Fine Romance for Valentine's Day and I've been exploring her blog ever since.

One of those sayings that keeps coming up in Susan's book and writings is....

If you can dream it, you can make it so.  

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Because nothing happens unless first we dream.

~ Carl Sandburg

So that's where I'm at right now.  And I'm happy to report that I'm physically feeling much more rested and ready to enjoy this new season.

On that note, I'm wishing you a beautiful day. And may you catch multitude glimpses of heaven in unexpected places all week long......

Hugs and blessings,




  1. So glad you are writing! I think I have shared with you that my idea of pre-writing is pondering. A lot. One has to think. Dream. Cry a little. Seek. And, finally pick up the pencil to begin. And, just beginning may not be the start. It could be the middle, the end, or somewhere in between! It is just writing more and more until the story is told!

    I cannot wait to read your story! Sending love and warm sunshine your way. My windows were open, a tad, today! Even at 54-degrees, it felt like spring!

  2. Loved reading beautiful,wise and encouraging!!
    I also like when you share authours and books as I can always use inspiration there.
    Wishing you continued loveliness and please send that weather this way!

  3. Keep dreaming, writing your thoughts, and sharing them because you're an inspiration to me! I love Susan Branch too! Spring is coming and what a wonderful thing it will be, winter's been hard this year! Blessings! Linda

  4. Such an encouraging, heart-warming post, Brenda. Pre-writing, dreaming, planning, hoping are all stages in writing. Then winning the battles over the resistance efforts. Blessings as you write.

  5. How exciting, I can't wait for the finished product. True...can't force the pen to paper, it's a magical moment when it's release fingers to keyboard.. Praying for clarity !


  6. Just keep on writing, Brenda. You surely have the talent to tell your story.

  7. You find some of the most amazing books! Nothing like a great book at the right time to help inspire oneself! Loved the peak inside your day.

  8. It is so wonderful to hear that you are writing. And to be writing about your love story! Excellent and I can't wait to read it. What a gift that class must of been. I'm in the background cheering you on!
    Susan Branch is one of my favorite illustrator and author. She is pure inspiration!

    It's Spring like here, today. I can't wait to hear my first lawn mower and smell the freshly cut grass.
    That is one of the sweetest smells. I wonder if there is a perfume that smells like that, It would be odd but fun!

    Sorry to hear the Orange Kitten moved! Do you think you'll get another kitty?

    Missed you. Now I know that you are busy with your Love Story and that's what is important.

  9. Spring is in full bloom here...time for new growth and experiences...


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