Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daffy-down-Dilly Is Come Up To Town...


Daffy-down-dilly is come up to town,
In her yellow petticoat
And her green gown.
Earlier today I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items for lunch. And right inside the front door ... surely to entice shoppers like me who are l-o-n-g-i-n-g for Spring ... were buckets brimmed with bright yellow daffodils. Bundles of stems still in taut little buds and bundles of cheery faces wide open with welcome.
Oh joy, oh bliss..... Two bunches immediately found their way into my basket ... we were not leaving the shop without them. They sat on the dining room table this afternoon, but they've migrated to the bookshelf in our bedroom. For looking at before I go to sleep.
Daffodils surely bring me thoughts of Spring and warm weather. Not to mention Jeremy Irons reciting the famous Daffodils poem by William Wordsworth. Mmm...I'm of the opinion that the poet himself couldn't recite it better.


For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And d-a-n-c-e-s with the daffodils.

Now, here in northerly Alberta we don't get grand sightings of daffodils during Spring. There might be brave bunches planted neatly in gardens here and there (in May), but nothing so wild as the forest floor below.
Which is probably why I turn for my romance of this sprightly harbinger of Spring to scenes ever etched in my memory from old English movies...where one catches glimpses of daffodils on riverbanks and beneath trees, in country gardens, and nestled amongst old church headstones.

One such movie is a delightful Miss Marple mystery of Agatha Christie fame. Here's a link on youtube to Murder at the Vicarage... in which actress Joan Hickson plays the gentle but sharp-witted Miss Marple.

Years ago I'd heard that Miss Christie sent Miss Hickson a note "I hope one day you will play my dear Miss Marple." If you have time to watch the first few moments, you'll be catching glimpses of daffodils in that lovely English village, St. Mary Mead.

And if you decide to sit and watch the whole thing, there is a bit later on when the Vicar's wife brings in a large bouquet and happily dumps them into a water-filled vase.  I just want to be there picking my own daffodils and bringing them into the house.
So... it's definitely on my 'wanna experience this one day' list.  My longed-for trip (and now we are in the midst of seriously planning one) to England must include visiting an English village and walking along a riverbank in the Springtime so that I join this lovely one and... with daffodils!

There.... we're off.  Wishing you the best kind of day
and the most restful sleep!





  1. Thank you for the You Tube link. It sounds like something I'd like to watch tomorrow! Your corner sounds like my own. If we see a daffodil in May, I'll be flabbergasted. =D

  2. Lovely post, I love them as well....


  3. Daffodils are so cheerful, one can't help but be happier for looking at them. Thanks for the link - Murder at the Vicarage is one of my favorite AC books.

  4. They sure do know how to brighten up a room! and that nice cheery yellow is a treat too after all the wintery white.

  5. our spring flowers are in full bloom and our daffodils in our yard have finished their blooming-on to summer too soon!


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