Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bleak Mid-Winter...Spring?

Woke to find the world in which I live socked back into winter. Grey. Overcast. Snow on rooftops. No birds singing, except maybe the magpie who's crackling, What on earth is this again? How's a bird supposed to build a nest in this weather?

Lin left a message on my previous post saying that in her yard (southern Utah) the daffodils are finished and the rest of her spring blossoms are in full bloom. Hard to imagine it -- as no self-respecting daffodil would even dare poke out her little green tipped nose yet here in my part of the world.

And, since I refuse to let this or any weather dictate my frame of mind or mood, I might be facing winter on the outside on the last weekend of March... but I'm having Spring on the inside.

SO here's one more daffodil's the view I see sitting in my bed as I sip coffee and chat with hubby about future trips to Vienna and England and Florence.

If there's one thought I'd leave you with as I head into my day, I guess I'd say no matter what it looks like outside your window or what you feel like when you lift the bed covers from your body and throw your feet over the edge....
"Never give way to melancholy;
resist it steadily;
for the habit will encroach."
~ Sydney Smith

For He turns my waiting into triumphant rejoicing.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.



  1. Amen to that! Nil desperandum!

  2. I'll add another Amen! Spring is fully here in our corner - this morning we worked in the yard, moving some shrubs and doing a little pruning. I'm definitely not used to it - feeling a little tired, but a good tired.
    Wishing you spring in your heart! (and soon in your yard)

  3. Dear are so right!!!
    Thank God that there is more than the present to this life...
    and yes isn't it something tho how weather, for me anyhow can affect mood.
    Warmest of hugs...Lucy.

  4. Love your daffodil photos! Ours at our house have already bloomed, but met an early death to the dreaded North Winds. *sighs* Everyone else's in the neighborhood are blooming more and more, and I am so tempted to pick them! Ha!

    Also enjoyed the quote by Sydney Smith. :) Very appropriate for this weather.


  5. 'spring on the inside' I love that and the quote too! SO much to be thankful for even on a gray-slate day! Winter, it seems is determined to hold on as long as he can here in the north aka, Canada;)! I think I need to pick up some flowers for my table. Such a cheery touch!


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