Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simply Sunday: Journal Jottings

Aren't those tiny wax flowers lovely? Just a wee bunch stuck unceremoniously into a plastic bucket at the grocery store but, oh,aren't the blossoms with their waxy petals and green tummies exotic looking? Surely that's what we call a glimpse of heaven in an unexpected place -- sweet!
The backyard is already busy as morning breaks and the birds jostle for a turn at the buffet.  Such a singing and a chortling going on. The shifts come and go. Don't you just love that God made our feathered friends and we get to enjoy them as they go about their important bird business every day?

I woke early this morning and took some time to journal and read a little from several of my current pile of books on my bedside table (my pink and lime-green covered Bible, In the Company of Others by Jan Karon, Delighting God by Victoria Books).

.... So then I got up to e-mail a friend who's been finding her journey tough at present. She was on my mind.  And I could relate... different circumstances, same recognition of a heart in turmoil.  Haven't we all been there?

That is, until we get our eyes off of our circumstances.... and come back to that instruction to commit our way to the Lord, trust also in Him, because the promise IS that He shall bring it to pass....

He being the operative word here.  Not me.  He.

In my stewing about how to get things done, how they're going to work out, trying to figure it all out, too often I carry on as if I'm the one with the brains here, instead of going to the One who knows the end from the beginning and all the bends in the road that are between.

Oh yes, and He knows the short cuts through the mazes.  He comes along with His good friends, Mercy and Grace, not to mention His own Spirit to coach and comfort us too.

He motions with his head, Hey, over here, I know a better way to get that done.  I know a short cut. I know the way through this mess without you getting beat up in the process.  I know how testy this all can make you, not to mention frustrated to the point that you just want to roll down the window and yell till your eyes bug out.  Come with me, don't lag behind or try to get in front. Stay near so  my light-giving presence will shine on your path and make it plain.   

Sigh..... Oh my goodness... how often to do I need that reminder to get my eyes back on Jesus, who started this race of faith for me, and He duly promised that He'd also ensure that we'd cross the finish line with flying colours.  Except, sometimes I forget.  I forget to consult the Coach.

Thankfully, there's Grace, not to mention, Mercy, holding out the olive branch. I reach out and receive it. With it comes... Relief.  Joy.  Peace.

Wishing you grace for your journey and light for your path!
Happy Sunday,

PS.  Remember...

find the beauty, clear the air, laugh out loud,

rest enough, create something, 

hang out with the Father.


  1. take a nap...

    Wonderful, Brenda. My heart has been quite heavy thinking of a fellow blogger in a rough patch right now. Very rough patch. Who says that cyber friendships are not real?! I was refreshed just reading this word today. Thank you.

    Yes, your blooms are lovely and elegant.

  2. Vee...totally agree that our friendships on line are just as real as any in the flesh.

    So glad you are one of those special people in my life... you leave warm footprints every time you visit and when I come see what you're up to!

    Enjoy that nap.......

  3. That is a good reminder for every day!

  4. I know the first and second books you mentioned...will have to look for the third. It sounds good.

    I appropriated your reflections on friendships and our Lord's grace and mercy...I'm glad you wrote them out :)

  5. This is a lovely reminder of what is truly precious and real. It's funny, my husband and I were just commenting yesterday that birds are proof that God exists. How else could these creatures of such incredible beauty come to be?

  6. Hello Brenda,
    Well put. I agree completely - we have to see Jesus in everything. Life does bring about challenges - I think of the Apostles - singing in prison - their circumstances to anyone else would seem bleak - but they were singing and praising God...whatever I go through, I know He will carry me through - just to think that our God loves us - to dwell on that thought - brings joy - whenever I go through a rough patch - I envision myself standing in the water of the ocean - you get dragged by the waves - you try to stand in one place - it only works when you have your eyes fixed on a stationery - unmovable object - to us that is our LORD. Hugs and so glad you visited that I might return the call - I hope you have a blessed - most Delightsome day,

  7. from with patience the race that is sent before you. New windows are opening for me...

  8. I relate to the Lord whispering, "I have a better way to do that..." It happens to me a lot.

  9. Printing this.
    I need to have it with me.

  10. Hi Brenda...
    So nice to be reminded where I need to place problems, situations, EVERYTHING!

    Lovely photos, too.

    Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog! Have a great week. Susan

  11. Hello Brenda!
    You weren't kidding about the Serendipity of our Father! Wow! The grace and mercy tie would naturally bind me to you - but the fact that you're reading Vickie's book seals the deal! Amazing!
    Vickie was my "Christ Life" small group facilitator about 6 years ago and is dear to my heart.
    Thank you for visiting me so I could find you! :D
    I wish I could teleport to Canada and share a cup of coffee and gaze at the lovely flowers with you,

  12. I have to remember to quit going over all of the options in my mind and let Him straighten things out.

    I love the birds. They bring me such joy.

  13. I'm a great believer in the power of prayer. It has brought me through more than anyone will ever know. Without God, I am nothing...I prefer to be something

  14. I remember once complaining to a priest how hopeless i was in getting something changed that i knew was wrong...he told me " Don't try and do it your self. Leave it up to the manager." I think about that advice many times!

  15. Very nicely put, Brenda. I marvel at how often I forget to consult the Lord about problems. Sometimes He'll give me encouragement in the morning, and by evening I'm all in a stew! Thank goodness He's patient. Aren't you just loving "In the Company of Strangers"? It's my favorite Karon book.

  16. Great post and I love your p.s. Thanks for the reminders for each day.

  17. Yes, don't we all do that at times, struggle on in our own strength forgetting His life and Power within us then we come to the end of ourselves in the situation and remember it is His battle and not ours. No condemnation though, just a choice to have our mind renewed in the Spirit.

    Happy Easter.


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