Monday, February 27, 2012

Changing Word Verification

Further to my word verification woes (see my earlier posting)...

With some instruction from Mr. DarkUFO from Blogger, we've been able to turn off our word verification.Yah! I was accessing Blogger via which turned out to be the problem.

Here is what DarkUFO told me to do (in case someone else out there runs into the same problem):
1. Ok, you need to stop using Draft Blogger. Using draft stops you from going back to the Old Interface.

2. Go to and on your dashboard there should be a checkbox/tickbox that says something like "Make Draft my default". Uncheck that then load

3. You should then see the Cog icon (little gray wheel) and in the dropdown should see the Old Blogger option.

And yes, there it was! So, let me know that it's working for sure, will you? That is to say, you shouldn't have to key in those two hard-to-read word verifications any more.

Another lesson learned in the world of blogging. Thanks DarkUFO!

Happy Day,

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  1. Thank you for helping with the blogging wows.
    Because of your information, I now back up my blog. I never heard of doing that until I read your advice.

  2. hurrah! you did it. Now how do you backup your blog?

  3. thank you brenda for helping us in improving our blog skills!

  4. Glad to share the info... I'm always grateful when other bloggers post their own findings.

    Lin, here's one link that tells you on how to backup your blog ---- hopefully you find it helpful.

  5. So glad you got things sorted, Brenda. I had no idea that going with the new Blogger platform would mean you couldn't easily shut off the word verification.

  6. PS. Here's another link to check out... the steps are very clear on how to backup your B*logger blog.

  7. Thank you. I think you'll find many more comments here from now on. Captcha isn't the best choice for blogger verifications.

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