Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mrs. Potato Head

Ever wonder why your favorite potato dish turns out better some times than other times?  Well, a few years ago I finally discovered that a potato is not a potato is not a potato. Sure, just call me Mrs. Potato Head.

In case you wondered that yourself and want to know how to choose the right spud for your next potato recipe, just click on my recipe blog here....

Sometimes it's just a little thing -- a small tweek -- that adds grace to the journey, making our lives more beautiful all around.

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  1. I SHOULD pay attention to this....however, I do so few potato recipes that it probably wouldn't "pay" to buy too many different kinds....I just bought a 10-lb back of Russets for $1.50. Will have to be creative to use 'em all before they rot on me :)

  2. Oh, I'm printing this out!
    It's never to late to learn how to cook a better potato!

  3. We grow our own potatoes, so that's what I use. They are a good variety for mashed potatoes, which is the way my family likes them best, called German Butterball. They have a nice yellow color and are buttery so you need less actual butter. We also grow French Fingerlings for roasting. Was shocked when I saw how much the green grocer charges for them. I told my son that we are potato millionaires!

  4. Very interesting - I made a copy of it for myself. Thanks. sandie

  5. Hi Brenda, love the post today! I wanted to pass along to a "Leibster Blog Award"! it is in appreciation of your beautiful and inspiring blog! You can read about it over on my blog. Have a lovely day! Delisa :)


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